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Education Very Important

bsbZenbsbZen Posts: 84
Hello everyone!

In my opinion education is very important because it will allow us to trade with the maximum. It is definitely number one requirement for all and without that it is going to be impossible for anyone to be successful. With a solid education, you are prepared to make informed trading decisions instead of impulsive ones that can often lead to major account disasters. knowledge is really important in this market place for keeping survive in a proper way. So please invest in yourself by building your own knowledge about the market conditions and your own analyses or strategies.

Many people wanna earn as fast as they can, but that isnt possible. Its like starting with a new sport and after a few days you will playing your first match already. It makes no sense, because you dont even know the rules properly and the technique yet. Its the same progress with trading. So first learn the basics about the markets i.e. technical and fundamental, but also emotion control and money management are important. Take your time and practise a lot on your demo account before going live.

I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on this :)

Kind Regards,



  • MalvridMalvrid Posts: 107
    Education really is an important part of trading on binary options, but it's not so important for it to be at the university, there's enough self educating here, if a future trader knows how to make the distinction between important information from a bunch of trash that's on the web. But in order to start trading you should first study it a lot.
  • john8912john8912 Posts: 10
    I agree. Education is the bottom line of everything in life...
  • bsbZenbsbZen Posts: 84
    Thanks for sharing, knowledge and patient is the key.

  • illodillod Posts: 49
    Your words couldn't have expressed my opinion better. In any case, you can't trade blindfolded, you need to start at the bottom, and the rest is a matter of time.
  • mattmatt Posts: 6
    That is right! It is importatnt, but nobody is perfect. You can learn everything you want by reading and watchin videos. Everything you need is in your head. Education is the great basic for the sucsessfull trading.
  • MalvridMalvrid Posts: 107
    No doubt an education on forex is very important, but I know many traders who trade on forex without it and trade quite successfully.
  • SadelliaSadellia Posts: 1
    Education on forex trade? Is that to say that Binary options is similar to Forex trading?
  • MalvridMalvrid Posts: 107
    I don't think that forex and binary options is the same thing, there are certain subtleties everywhere. Pros and cons you might say. Everyone decides for themselves.
  • OleboboOlebobo Posts: 112
    That is right, Malvrid, no one can tell you what way of trading you have to chose. We all have to find our own way....
    But by "checking out" as much as possible arround the subjects, and try both worlds, there is a great possibillity that we find our own way of trading...IF we can keep up that long ;)
  • TrezoTrezo Posts: 38
    You are blind if you do not have market knowledge and a blind person can not reach the destiny he wants. So, if you want to get success on the Forex market then you need to work hard for knowing the market ethics and behaviors. You have to take start with the basic knowledge.
  • MalvridMalvrid Posts: 107
    Education is very important for success in any aspects of life. It is similar in trading as well. Please learn the basics of trading first. There is plenty of time to invest in trading later. Money is not easy to make in this world. Don't lose it by investing without knowing the risks involved in it.
  • FerinFerin Posts: 29
    Education is very important in every field. You must have the knowledge about the market and knowledge comes from education, research and experience. If you are educated than you are able to do a trade as you know the market. Education is the thing who changes your way of thinking.
  • OliverOliver Posts: 18
    You cannot imagine success on the Forex market without knowledge and proper education. I would like to advise you to invest the money on this market after getting confidence of staying on it. Many traders lose money due to the lack of knowledge and confidence. Am I right?
  • YozshujindYozshujind Posts: 87
    That's for what there are free demo accounts which any reputable regulated broker should provide for really unlimited time anyway. That way you can play as long as you really want with something like that. But I do not see where it's really possible.
  • HulapointikHulapointik Posts: 46
    It's for sure is, but also it should be free or at least not that damn big for person who plan to do it correctly anyway. So I hope it will do matter that much honestly. How else do you plan to make it ? Also brokers do such function for a bit at least.
  • Samuhn74Samuhn74 Posts: 66
    I believe that you can become a true professional only if you constantly develop and invest in your development. For example, in trading it is not enough to learn one strategy and use it on all the assets. The market changes, the strategy becomes outdated, and tomorrow you may lose everything that you have gotten by a long and hard work. And if you come to trading even without much understanding of what kind of business it is, but you really want to get the most out of it and study strategies, new indicators, and you are interested in the news, soon you will reach a new level and you will be able to get a constant income or even make trading your main business.
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