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rita__robisonrita__robison Posts: 1
I lost money while trading with Titantrade as well as RB Options and then a broker from “IQ Option” contacted me to offer help to recover from my losses. At that point, I did not realize that I had been scammed and believed that I had lost on trades fairly; I wrote it off as bad luck. I think I was feeling quite desperate and vulnerable when the so-called “recovery” opportunity presented itself with IQ Option. They assured me that they were regulated and made me feel secure. Needless to say that I was taken advantage of by these guys big time! I did make money with IQ Option and the balance in my account grew very quickly. But things started to turn sour too when I wanted to take money out of my account. I started to feel suspicious and did some of my own investigation. I came across more recovery options on the internet. Some are new investment opportunities (but most of these seem to be binary or binary-related and I no longer trust that I will ever get my money out of these). Others are companies that say that they will do chargebacks and collaborate with your credit card company. And then there are some law firms that claim to specialize in this. who else has issue with their brokers or has been scammed? we need help .


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    You should never have brokers trade for you or give financial advice to you. There is a conflict of interest there.
    Some chargeback services are actually legit but the problem is that they may only help certain clients with "better cases"
    and maybe even when more money is involved. Maybe someone here can recommend you something.
    So you are now trying to withdraw from IQ? And what are they saying? What's the reason for not getting your money?
    I see people are getting their withdrawals from IQ.
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    Please, beware of scammers!

    Our managers can contact you when you just registered on the platform.
    They can provide you with some tutorials and answer your questions.
    After that, you will never be bothered again.

    Our managers will NEVER:
    - ask you to deposit
    - give you advice on trading
    - provide signals

    Also, some scammers call themselves personal managers on IQ Option.
    Don't believe them! You can get a personal manager only if you deposit $3000 and get a VIP status.
    If you are contacted by someone and you are not sure that it is IQ Option representative, please, contact us:
    We will check it!

    Also, please, check this article:

    If you have any questions about IQ Option, you can always contact our Support Team ( It is available 24/7!

    IQ Option Support Team
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    MalvridMalvrid Posts: 107
    It's a very good example of how an unexperienced person trusted their money to a complete stranger and as a result lost everything. Of course, I'm very sorry for this situation, but it's unwise to trust your money to anyone.
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    OleboboOlebobo Posts: 112 is wierd that you are not able to withdraw your money from IQ ? You should ask your accountmanager about that.

    How is status today ? Did you get your money ?
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    FerinFerin Posts: 29
    All the currency markets are unsafe due to huge amount of scams all around them. You need to save your money from them as you can not trust anyone on these markets. Research well about the broker which you are going to choose for your future trades.
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    MalvridMalvrid Posts: 107
    The biggest downfall of trading is the scamming. There are always people ready to steal your money. My advise to you is never consult trading with a broker. This world is full of false brokers. You can browse through respected forums or blogs for any queries .
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    ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 63
    Pretty sad to hear all that, you really can check their reputation, not only here, but on forums like forex peace army and earnforex if you want to know more really about that. How does all that sounds to you ? And did you resolved your issue after so many time ?
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