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Withdraw via VISA/MC, how is it possible??

foschifoschi Posts: 3
My broker ( doesnt' support bank transfer via IBAN.
It's suggest VISA/MC.

My MC is a credit card, how is possible receive payment withouse a balance?


  • halamsjahalamsja Posts: 31
    Dear Foschi:

    Same situation I faced when I used As for Indonesia, they only have deposit option using Visa/Master Card.. Like you, I also only have Credit Card.. Then I consulted with the local bank that issue my credit card, they said it is possible. You may transfer your excess balance to the local bank debit account (must be the same bank that issue your credit card).. So after they received the money, they will deduct all the credit expenses that occurred and also you spent. If there is debit/excess fund, then you can ask the local bank transfer to your debit account OR you could let the balance on your credit card but then you can shop using your credit card with enough extra money on your credit card..

    So please consult with the bank who issue your credit card whether they have this policy like I did with local banks in Indonesia.. The process is fast, convenience and the charge is also reasonable compare to you are using International Wire transfer. Good Luck..
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