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HaxpaulHaxpaul Posts: 2
Hello, does anyone know a technique of getting their funds back from a un-registered Binary Options company like Stratxmarkets, who are holding the funds because of a bonus applied to the account without the client knowing of this. Yes I understand that this company is not registered and is not a real trading company and acting in the UK because the UK does not as yet have laws against this type of corruption. But I need a plan to get the momeny back, I never traded this account it was managed.


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    HaxpaulHaxpaul Posts: 2
    Stratxmarkets seem to be scamming people by placing a bonus without them knowing and never letting them withdraw funds. I have now seen many scam reports about them, I know my money is lost, but I just want people to be warned about this company, Never listen to their cold calling and Never deposit any money with them, there is a site reviewing them stratxmarkets-review which you should also go to if your are thinking about depositing, but don't.
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    StratxStratx Posts: 1
    I have been involved in this company for nearly 2 years now and know a guy who used to work there. He has told me how they fleece their customers. They say whatever they can to get a deposit out of you, then show you some profits, then get more deposits out of you, then they apply a bonus without you knowing. When you try to withdraw, it will be denied. He told me, when they get a deposit, they all go down the pub to celebrate, because they know, No one ever gets their money back. He told me they have fleeced money from desperate out of work guys to families trying to get by on the hope of making some money, persuaded that all their money troubles will soon be over. I don't believe this company will be around for too long, because most of the forums have details of this company. This company uses every underhand way, you would expect from an in-registered binary options company and is registered in the Marshall Islands, they cannot be audited or tracked down, your deposit goes in to a HSBC account from UK registered in the name of Bogdan Trading limited, which is registered at a rented room in London.
    This company is a Big Scam, do not deposit any money with them.
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