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Hi guys, I'm 48K...I have a vast knowledge of coding...but here were playing with the factor X or the unexpected...coding depends on logic so my problem is that, exists a black list of brockers who generate their own charts and not the actual read line from the stock?...cause that was the first thing that came to my mind... Would not be difficult to wright a code like that...therefore I'm completely new on trading... Good advice's r welcome...I intend...or I need to get at least a 10€ profit a day...that's not much but for now would be ok...I played the platform an I did alright, which reinforce my first problem...its safe? I choosed IQ binary option app for android... Seems reliable enough


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey! That's the exact problem of this Binary Options/Forex industry right now. Different source => Different broker => different price!
    Of course if they are regulated then they have to give you the "honest price" but even that is difficult because as I said, everyone is getting their data from a different source. So unless that part is finally solved (maybe with block chain trading in the near future? or other technology)
    Anyway, as I said, a regulated broker is required to offer "near market prices" - their sources can be different but from trusted and by regulators accepted services. So it's important to also check your brokers chart and compare prices with another (preferably Forex broker). Like Oanda, ICMarkets, Alpari etc. And don't only go by the brokers charts. What you "need to make" doesn't matter and you should put such thoughts and ideas away in a box and lock it. What you NEED is education and experience!
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    YozshujindYozshujind Posts: 87
    I really like traders who set real goals, because such small steps allow them to achieve the final positive result. This is very right, it will allow you not to spray your attention and in general to be consistent and not to let the excitement go. Of course, each of us believes deep down that he will succeed and that trading will be exceptionally competent and thoughtful.
    But in real life, more and more often than not, it happens differently and you usually make a certain number of mistakes, which form your experience, as well as your trading style. And in addition, when you expect a small profit, you will automatically limit your losses. And this will make you more disciplined...
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