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An open email to GOptions/

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I am reposting the below open email that we were copied into.


Good Afternoon, we are a group of traders based in Los Angeles and a community of affiliates with partners in Europe, Australia as well as North and South America. The past week we gained knowledge of an incident that is extremely concerning to us regarding unauthorized trades on one your trader's account (Colin Wagatsuma). Colin saw his account balance go from $5248 to $83 in less than one hour on 12/20/2013. These trades were done by a signal service that works exclusively with GOptions, We have attempted to contact them at the email address provided on their website but it is a bogus email address. Colin did not signed up for this service and while Colin has been coached by us, we advice Colin from the very beginning to reject any bonuses, signal services or auto trading programs and that is exactly what he did. Colin had been trading successfully for about 3weeks before his account was wiped by this signal service. He started with a $1,700 capital, withdrew $1,900 and had a $5248 balance. Colin made a profit of $5,448 in less than a month. He clearly did not need any signal service as he was successfully trading. Colin emailed Adam Stone, and while he did look into this situation, Mr Stone's propose resolution is what is extremely concerning to us. On 12/23/2013 Mr. Stone emailed Colin stating,

"No member of my team or even myself can get into any clients account and trade for them or more importantly have access to their own private email accounts and authorize it...Being it clearly not ours and the simple fact you have admitted persons other than yourself were given access to your account, again by you. The only further offer I can do is offer a half bonus rebate of the balance. Again it will come with a bonus volume of 40x. Once you complete the volume you may withdraw. "

Colin has traded from different computers, but these unauthorized trades were done by . These trades were not done by friends or anyone else that could have access to his account. Colin has emails from this service detailing these trades. The fact that Mr Stone is offering a half refund via bonus is very concerning. We all know that if Colin accepts this bonus at 40x volume he will not be able to withdraw for months. As much as we hate to admitted it, this sounds like a well orchestrated plan to stop Colin from winning and making withdrawals. Colin did not take any bonuses and we believe he should be refunded without bonuses. We also believe that GOptions needs to conduct a full investigation, GOptions tech team did not know who traded in Colin's account until he told Mr Stone about We want this to be a misunderstanding, we trade with GOptions ourselves and in the past year have brought into GOptions over 300 traders, collectively they have over $500K invested with you. We have always had a great experience with withdrawals, customer service and the platform. We are all biting our nails here, because we would hate to see one of the best brokers in the Binary Options Industry turn to the dark side. We trust that you will look into this matter and resolve it. We will be anxiously waiting for your response. Thank You.
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