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comic_book_guycomic_book_guy Posts: 5
What's everyone's opinions on the amount of extras that brokers are putting on the sites/mailouts etc? Banc de Binary absolutely churn content out (for those that are still legally allowed to use them of course) and MarketsWorld are doing daily analyst emails and videos by someone I've actually heard of (Zak Mir). Anyone else got any thoughts on what their broker of choice is doing for added extras?


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    BrianBrian Posts: 33
    edited July 2013
    At the end of the day no broker wants to help you win which is why I stay clear of signals provided by brokers (but thats another conversation). The great thing about all the content extras is that you don't need to be a customer of that broker to take advantage of it e.g. the MarketsWorld vids that I posted here! If they do have great stuff only available to their clients then it's worth just having an account at all of them to pick up the free stuff :-)

    The most important factors for me when choosing a broker are how safe are my funds, are the payouts/algos they use fair and how fast will they process my withdrawal
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