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pagchpagch Posts: 1
Hi Folks,

In May, my Facebook page keeps advertising about (a trading bot) and its involvement with Bill Gates (I know, I know) and after a bit of research and seeing the reviews it looks really legit. So I signed up and it ask me to link to BinaryTilt as they strongly recommend to trade with.

I also ran a check on BinaryTilt and at the time I get positive reviews everywhere so I made my $250 deposit. Nothing was wrong (actually everything at this point seems so professional) at the start until I got asked to verify myself. That's when I realised something is up. During the call I was told that they have the right to actually check the balance in my bank account and I am too poor to have someone to manage my trades. Then it's three weeks of waiting for them to reply and verify me. After that I immediately requested a payout which is in 10th July and I haven't got a single update since then. I have sent several emails to them but they are not replying. Only one that has replied me was from the email which I sent my documents to but they keep saying "will check with fiance", their reply is very unprofessional and full of spelling and grammar errors.

I reported this case to local authority and there is nothing they can do except advise me to be careful next time.

After all this I come across this lovely site and found out I am not the only one experiencing this. There is probably no way to get the money back but maybe we should come up with a way to share this and allow others to know? I mean those positive reviews are everywhere, it's very misleading. I'm also quite sure their address and what so called regulated company is fake.



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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey. Positive reviews and fake reviews are two different things. Your money is already gone to pay "Bill Gates".
    The so called "reviews" are paid fake reviews, they make money the soon as you make a deposit with their scam broker.

    Seriously though, Bill Gates? No alarm clocks started ringing? No "let's check Forbes or Wall street journal" first?
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    BossBoss Posts: 77
    I think the people you came across are scammers. You probably won't make or return any money. You need to be more careful when choosing a broker.
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    which one would you suggest to trade with ?
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