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Price Action - 8H expiry time required

Hi Guys,

I've completely changed my approach to binary options by getting rid of any indicators (apart from 8EMA and 21EMA) inspired by Price Action approach. What's more, I choose only 8H or 1D time frame for technical analysis in order to dispose of 'noise' created by lower time frames and clearly see trading signals (doji etc.) (ref. Nail Fuller on youtube).

I'd like to ask you to give me an idea which broker offers 8 hours expire in terms of 'option builder'. I thought you've got a complete leeway in terms of choosing your desired expire time (i.e. 4hrs, 8hrs, 13.5 hrs etc.) but it turns out that you're quite restricted (some brokers offer only expiry withing 2hrs, other between 4-5 hours).

Since I've got your attention, I'd like to find out if anybody else's got the same trading plan as mine:

(the times below are for GMT /London time zone so 22.00 stands for New York session close)

1. bet at 6.00 - expiry at 14.00 (8H time frame for analysis) (BROKER - NOT YET FOUND)
2. bet at 14.00 - expiry at 22.00 (8H time frame for analysis) (broker - Markets World)
3. bet at 22.00 - expiry at 6.00 (8H time frame for analysis) (BROKER - NOT YET FOUND)
4. bet at 22.00 - expiry at 22.00 the following day (1D time frame for analysis) (broker - Markets World).

Basically, my plan is having a quick market overview a few minutes before 6.00, 14.00 and 22.00 with the intention of spotting clear signals and betting accordingly.

Please let me know your thoughts and thank you in advance for any responses.


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