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Hi, I'm new to Binary trading

Hello everyone, I'm new here so I'm hoping for kind successful traders to give some helpful tips..

I know there is no 100% win strategy in binary options, But I do hope to make additional income which naturally will help me in my life debts..

So to those successful kind souls who don't mind sharing a tip on successful trading, Please do..

Thank you in advance.

p.s :- please no binary robots and stuff and adverts... Thanks


  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey, welcome. Start learning about charting. You can check out some of the trading journals here too and see how people trade. There is a strategy thread as well and some blogs you can read about trends, charts, patterns, support and resistance and more!
  • Hey there, I'd recommend getting to grasps with how economics works! Don't rely on technical analysis. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS involve fundamental analysis into your trading. Think about it, do you reckon Goldman Sachs bases a trade going by what the MACD is saying NO! If you come across these 'gurus' who only use technicals then I'd be very very wary of them.
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