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How To Get Started With Binary Options! Beginners Look Here.

OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
Hey Beginner or anyone new to the forum and wishing to get started!

# Where do I start?
# What do I do first?
# Is there a best strategy?
# How do I get better?
# Which broker is good?

Those may be some questions you have and we are glad you found a forum with fellow traders!

So, here I will be gathering a list of articles I think are a great read/start for anyone who is new to the world of trading Binary Options.

We start with a few important topics and I will add more information in the future in this thread.

1. Every trader needs to know how and why you need to read a candlestick charts!

- Why Use Historical Charts
- Where to get Charts?
- Demo Trading and Training

2. Now that you know why you need charts and learned where to find one and have a demo account, you are ready to
get your feet wet in the are of technical analysis.

- Understanding Support and Resistance lines
- How to Draw Trendlines
- Price Action Patterns - Triangles
- Chart Patterns - Targets and Expiry Selection

3. You may also need to learn how to use some of the most popular indicators because trading naked charts can be difficult for a beginner.

- Common Indicators for beginners
- Why your strategy may not work!

Like I said, I will add more articles but you can always search a keyword on the main page if you are looking for something special.


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    thembithembi Posts: 1
    I d like to start trading with iq rightaway but so dificult to get in plz help
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    thembi said:

    I d like to start trading with iq rightaway but so dificult to get in plz help

    Hey. What do you mean difficult to get in?
    IQOption has an official thread, if you wish to discuss or need support then you better ask in their thread:
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    BossBoss Posts: 77
    Binary Options trading is facing a lot of pressure of legality but it is legal in many leading countries. It is the type of trading in which you get a fixed amount of profit or loss if the price close in a certain limit and nothing if price ends out of the limit. So, you need to trade wisely and with good money management as well.
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    QwerastisQwerastis Posts: 31
    Binary Options looks very difficult when first starting. With regular trading, it can become your best friend. You just have to create a strategy that suits your trading style. Be patient and determined in your appraoch and successful will follow you.
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    JiglerJigler Posts: 71
    It is really a nice post for the beginners to know well about how to take a start on the trading world. You need to work as hard as you can in order to find the answers of these questions. I hope you will take your money and trading serious. Thanks!
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    QwerastisQwerastis Posts: 31
    It is really a great post in order to help the newbies. Yes, they need to take a start after finding the answers of the questions asked in this post. A good trader is the one who knows his strengths and weaknesses as he always try to take good decisions. Am I right?
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    samillisamilli Posts: 4
    thank you for sharing this knowledge, I needed this
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    how can i start this binary option trading
    am not really understanding it protocols
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    check your other post, I answered you over there.
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    sungirlsungirl Posts: 1
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