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Kayafx real 100%scam

This investment company is a real scam company anyone know about this company please send to Friends and buddy and relatives not to invest in this company becareful money deposit they will make you lose in just 24hours I was also one for the victim here so sad


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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    sucks you got scammed. Thanks for letting us know about Kayafx being a scam.. what are they, rasta brokers? Kaya?
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    benhartbenhart Posts: 1
    Kayafx has a great service and pretty good service, along with nice profits. recommended if you want to invest your money.
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    OleboboOlebobo Posts: 112
    benhart said:

    Kayafx has a great service and pretty good service, along with nice profits. recommended if you want to invest your money. long have you been trading with Kayafx ? Have you been able to succesfully withdraw yet ?
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    Paul08Paul08 Posts: 1
    At Kaya, you first make good profits, then they call you about an event or something big in the market, etc. They urge you to invest more and more, but you’ll never be able to withdraw any of that money, they try to talk you out of it because you would loose money. If this doesnt works, they get rude and afterwards, if they think that there is nothing left to steal, they set negative trades and you can see how the money goes down until nothing is left in the account. The Kaya Site is probably just a demo to hide your money being stolen the minute you transfer it.
    There are a few steps that could help:
    first try to make a small withdraw, tell your account manager a litle storry, why you need money now quickly, but after its solved, you will invest even more with them probably he tries to talk you out of it, but stay focused.
    If that doesnt work at all, tell the company to stop trading on every possible way: email, telephone to you manager and company. Make a full withdraw what they just ignore and then anyway, they put your account in minus but after that, you can report them to the police and with that your bank can make a recall. My experience: they fear a recall, they have been trying hard to bring me to cancel it, and post it everywere here and on other pages.

    and now to warn Spanish people from this Scam

    En Kaya, primero obtienes buenas ganancias, luego te llaman por un evento o algo grande en el mercado, etc. Te instan a invertir cada vez más, pero nunca podrás retirar nada de ese dinero, lo intentan para convencerte porque perderías dinero. Si esto no funciona, se vuelven groseros y luego, si creen que no queda nada para robar, establecen transacciones negativas y se puede ver cómo el dinero baja hasta que no queda nada en la cuenta. El Sitio Kaya es probablemente solo una demostración para ocultar que te roban el dinero en el momento en que lo transfieres.Hay algunos pasos que podrían ayudar:
    Primero intente hacer un pequeño retiro, dígale a su gerente de cuentas un poco de historia, por qué necesita dinero ahora rápidamente, pero una vez resuelto, usted invertirá aún más con ellos, probablemente intente convencerlo de que no lo haga, pero manténgase enfocado.
    Si eso no funciona, dígale a la empresa que deje de operar de todas las formas posibles: correo electrónico, teléfono a su gerente y compañía. Haga un retiro completo de lo que simplemente ignoran y, de todos modos, coloque su cuenta en menos, pero después de eso, puede informarlo a la policía y con eso su banco puede realizar un retiro. Mi experiencia: temen una retirada, se han esforzado mucho para lograr que lo cancele y lo publiquen aquí y en otras páginas.
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