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iq option Signals manipulation

viraatviraat Posts: 1
I am using iq for last 1 and half years, and invested approx 18000 USD till now, but I lost everything, few days before I was looking for two iq account where one is vip which is mine and second is normal account, I found that there signals manipulation see, price up down, and 1 minute candle in vip is very big Doji, and same time same currency pair in normal account it's small Doji, I have asked with my account manager about this but nothing slove I uploaded again money on iq when it's winning trade in every other platform is was loose, I real lots about iq option that it's a better then others platform but till now I am in loose only..


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    It's a pity trading turned out to be unprofitable.
    Please, check these materials to improve your skills: our blog ( and our educational section ( Also, you can always practice on your demo balance.

    There is no such thing as manipulation on IQ Option. Quotes are same for everyone.
    We have reliable quote providers, you can always check quotes here:

    If you have any questions, please, contact our Support Team:
    Our specialists will help you.

    We wish you only successful deals on IQ Option!

    IQ Option Support Team
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    JiglerJigler Posts: 71
    Sure, it's an interesting observation...Did you make a screenshot or video of these manipulations?
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    jcszzupisejcszzupise Posts: 7
    Traders beware! IQ option may be regulated but they certainly has an edge over traders. Once you have a fairly consistence trading results, I realised that their trading software will constantly introduced a bug to close their apps you are using affecting your trading & the result. Their support bullshit their ways given wrong info, delayed their response or not responding to your queries at all. This method of countering traders will be meaningless to us all because once you are fairly successful in using their platform, they can manipulate to will make you lose it all. I have screen shots of their apps inducing the bug to stop my trading. I wasted so much money & time trading using IQ option & when I thought I am more adapt in their platform & software to be more successful but knowing their tricks too late. So avoid this scamer at all cost so you don't suffer my fate. Trust me, IQ will deny this.
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    We no have an official IQ Option thread. Other IQ Option threads will be closed.
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