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BO Robot - Custom Development Team (WHERE?)

Hello Everyone,

I came here to ask where could I hire binary options Robot developer to create a custom BO robot? I don't trust existing robots. With all the respect to the providers, there are too many scams and/or, in ever worse case, the robot would produce a losing trades. I am searching for developer, either world's best possible master of BO programming, or team (company) who offer such robot development. Tried to search on my own but failed to find anyone reliable. The robot should work exactly with 100% respect to the words of description - what i want it to do, where, how, in which situation the requirement (condition in order to go to the next step of autoanalysis) should be met, in which situation requirement should be declined and refusing to go to the next step of analysis, etc. When I said ''100%'' I didn't mean it should produce 100% wins. This is obviously not possible and can never happen. I was just referring that 100% of description, every single Word should be exactly coded/developed as per my request. If requirement doesn't match exactly as writen, then robot shouldn't go to the next step of analysis (last step is obviously automated execution of trade) but should refuse to trade immediately and cancel current analysis. It should rather wait if any trading asset meets step 1 again.

My indicators are in Metatrader 4. Tried to look on the offical website of this trading platform. They have ''freelance'' section where I could hire developers to provide a custom service. However, I didn't find anyone with reliable experiences - the highest possible master of BO robot development. I can only use the best of the best developer. Only in this way, I won't need to have a headache and extreme worry what the robot is doing while I Will be away.

To clarify: I do NOT look for automated trading BO robot but I look for best developer to create one according to my EXACT requirements.

On website Fiverr, I saw three different providers:

First and second seem too good to be true. Third doesn't have reliable feedback in said listing. I am Not really worried that they would take my money for their work magically disappear. They may be honest. The main problem is my extreme worry that in the programming work wouldn't be included every single Word, exactly as requested or that some accidental failure could occur by the developer. Example: requesting in particular step that X situation must happen with red candle (candlestick chart) but developer accidentally developing the step that same X situation happens on either red or green candle could cause disaster and waste of houndreds of thousands or EUR. Second example: i request that price increases or falls to particular price level before requesting that it must go into the opposite way but developer could do a failure where step would be approved (requirement met = going to the next step) if only going to the opposite direction. Third example: i request that particular element gets repainted into new one with exact needed color. But developer could do a failure where new element in same color occurs instead of previous one get repainted. Its not the same. There are billions of possibilities what could accidentally go wrong in development procedure. I am looking for someone with guarantee to respect every single Word of my description how should the robot work.

So my question for you is: Would anyone be so kind to please suggest some quality, reliable BO automated robot developer?

A million times THANK YOU in advance!


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Just hire a programmer and discuss it. Some programmers have experience in trading.
    But I don't think you will ever get a working robot. A lot of people have tried, I have yet to see the one who managed to pull it off.
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    TrezoTrezo Posts: 38
    Don't think it's that easy and you'll be getting money. I think robots are more time consuming and it's better to trade manually.
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