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Alert! Zeus Pro Traders ltd is 100% Scam! !!!

Hello Everyone

I m trading in binary option and lost $1000 on it so i tried Zeus Pro Traders Ltd ( service, because he was sharing lot's of skrill screenshot on telegram group so i though maybe he is paying.

So i though to invest with this person and i paid him $300 but on return day, he start asking $200 more, otherwise not going to pay you anything.

So i thought to share with you everyone because his group more than 800+ people and i don't want anyone lose their money with this scammer.


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey. Thanks for sharing. There are many who spam forums regarding "free Telegram groups" and most of them pretty much run a scam similar to what you are talking about. It's good to know! I saw the page just now, seems he is advertising a lot of scam.
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    agwenethagweneth Posts: 2
    Binary options "signals" Telegram channels - 99.99% SCAM

    Dear fellow investors,

    I'd like to warn you of the following binary options Telegram channels:

    admin's Telegram username:
    Teleram Id: 554571372
    First: Clyde.R
    Last: Polson

    This is 100% SCAM. "Clyde Polson" or whatsoever his name is stole 0.05 BTC from me.

    From the beginning: He claims to be a pro trader and trades binary options over IQoptions.
    He offers people to invest with him for 24 hours to get 220% profit or to invest for a week to get 500% profit.

    I asked him about some investors I could ask about their experience and he provided me 2 Telegram usernames. I asked them and they said that everything is fine and that he paid them the promised amount, so I sent him 0.05 BTC and after a week he didn't respond to my messages. I wrote him several times and he once wrote back "Hello" and that's it. He's completely ignoring me. Is there anybody with an idea how I could get back my money?

    Here are his profile pictures he uses, but I honestly doubt that this is the real person/user of this Telegram account:

    These are profile pictures of his binary options channel:

    Beware guys, don't send any money to this guy Clyde Polson!!!

    Another SCAM channel:

    "Pro Signal Update"
    admin's Telegram username:
    Id: 481585919
    First: Kendra
    Last: Miller

    I asked her about 2 investors I could contact and she said that she has investors from all over the world. She sent me 2 Telegram user names I could contact. These 2 were allegedly from 2 countries which languages I speak perfectly and it turned out that they used google translator and tried to mock me.
    I figured it out and blocked them immediately.
    After a few days I saw that these 2 "investors" changed their usernames and their profile photo, possibly to try to scam other people.

    Here are the profile pictures of Kendra Miller:

    These are profile pictures of her binary options channel:

    These are the 2 "investors" I could ask about their experience with their actual (05/17/2018) Telegram usernames:
    @lathiyamark (Lathiya Mark)
    @Oliviamarris (Olivia Marris), before she had the name "Sofia Harris"

    I doubt that this one is legit. I didn't have any contact with them, but it's the same scheme as above:
    admin's Telegram username:

    Another one. I also doubt that this one is legit. I didn't have any contact with them, but it's the same scheme as above:
    Binary Touch Solution
    admin's Telegram username:
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    it sucks that people can tarnish the name of a broker like this, those scams are not connected to IQ, they are just using that platform because its one of the only ones still around.
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    eskeieskei Posts: 1
    There are so many Binary Options investment scammers on Telegram channels.

    I personally got scammed by Melker Bergström @Melkerberg22 of FOREX TRADING PROFIT channel

    When I contacted him about his "Invest and Gain 700% in one Week" program, this is what he told me, "When you invest 0.041btc and I trade for you after 7days you will gain 700% profit of 0.287btc and then I take my 30% share of the total profit which is 0.086btc and send you the rest 0.201btc to your wallet"

    So, I went ahead and invested 0.041btc but, when the investment matured, he didn't send the profits as promised and when I contacted him, this is how he responded; "... what you have to do is send my 30%share of total profit to my wallet and then I proceed with the full payment of your investment on the dashboard from IQ OPTIONS and you will receive it in your wallet Asap without delays"

    This meant that I was required to send him 0.086btc so as to have my 0.201btc profits, which was not part of the initial agreement.

    On learning this, I realized I had been scammed. And, I have not received my profits from @Melkerberg22 to date!

    There are so many other similar channels promising very attractive profits within 24hrs or weekly on btc deposits. And, although I have not invested with them, I suspect they are executing similar tact to lure unsuspecting and vulnerable traders.

    Below are telegram channel administrators with similar channels @ClydePolson, @elizabethforex, @TRADEWITHDAVE,
    @CURRENCYTRADE, @KikiBest, @doublestaker, @TRADEWITHCRISTIAN, @ANDYWILLIAM01, @Grantcardone1, @StephMicaela, @evabailey etc.

    Before sending your money to any of then, do your due diligence! But, should you know that any of the above channels runs a genuine investment, you can also let us know.
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    sbesniksbesnik Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,

    Effectively there are numerous telegram channels operating this way and personnaly as @eskei I got scammed by @Melkerberg22 following the same description.
    I got even further as I sent him the 30% share he was asking :neutral: after that he said that he did all the processes but IQ OPTION can't release the money the money without paying the 10% transfer charges. And that I have to pay the 10% charges in btc to his wallet! Also he mentions that he trades the funds with a "configured account" where he can assign a btc wallet to transfer the btc to your personal wallet.

    So got in touch with IQ OPTION and they confirmed me that there is no "configured account", you can withdraw bitcoins by assigning your personal wallet and the charge fees are 0,0005 BTC, far from the 10% he asks for.

    Actually if you look at the free signals you can have a first idea if this is a scam or not as the scammers copy some genuine traders, the pairs and the call/put signals are announced at the last moment, the screenshots hide if this is virtual mode or real portfolio, they promise crazy return like 500% a day etc..

    Like @eskei I recommend to do your research, test the signals and try to get information. Among scammers there are genuine traders but it's difficult to find them.

    Let's share our experiences!
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    zamorazamora Posts: 1
    i was scammed by ''grant cardone free signal'' operated by @gcardone55 on telegram, please becareful of this scammer, you will loose your money
    another scammer on telegram is Frank Walter free signal. All these are scammers
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    Avixe553Avixe553 Posts: 2
    Another scammer in telegram:

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    noismasternoismaster Posts: 3
    edited July 2018
    My recommendation to everyone!!!

    Do not give anyone own money for trading!!!

    look at these two pictures!

    First my skrill and seckond is scammer skrill!

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    denden Posts: 1
    Almost same as the scenario of @eskei, my father was scammed by @BAILEYWICK, his channel in Telegram is named EXCLUSIVE BO SIGNALS.
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    BossBoss Posts: 77
    Unfortunately, cases like those are dark side of market and there is no way to expel them from the market. I think that they have special target on new traders without much experience. This is why it would be good either to choose legit broker or spend some time checking it at least on forums
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    RgituRgitu Posts: 1
    @tradewithcristian this scammer has scammed me. I wish I researched his name before. Be warned.
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