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Binary options still running?

TigerTiger Posts: 23
Just wondering if there's still people trading in the Binary?


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    YolandiWatsonYolandiWatson Posts: 12
    I am from South Africa. Yes there are many people who are trading in the binary option. In the past several years, binary options trading has attracted many people who became interested in this new way of online trading and participating on financial markets.

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    ZululkreeZululkree Posts: 4
    Of course we did, and even among my acquaintances there are those who are still very excited about it. The results are mostly negative, but they do not take it too seriously, but rather as a potential entertainment that can bring money. Or maybe it's just fun, so they're not afraid to lose. Although this format does not fit well with the competent trading. In fact, I'm sure that the demand is still high, because new binary options companies appear almost every day. And they continue to exist, of course they don't hold on to ideas, they hold on to material benefits, so it's obvious that they are attracting new clients, especially those who are looking for fast earnings.
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