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Applying An Advanced Algorithmic Mathematical Model To Nadex Platform In Real Time

I want to share something I found about a month ago that has helped me make real money & demo money at Nadex.
I spent much time and money in courses, charting software, ebooks, etc., with mixed results.
Then I a saw a small google ad and clicked on it and things changed in our lives.
I have uploaded some images of the back office display for a "call" and "put" trade and also a description of the service.
I wish that all of you have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2018!


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    So who created this tool?
    Where do they share a track record? Thanks.
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    SammyZoomSammyZoom Posts: 16
    This tool was created by a guy named Vlad Karpel. He used to be the chief tech guy for a company called OptionsExpress that was recently sold to Charles Schwab for over 1 billion dollars, from what I understand. Since I signed up about a month ago, I have been on the phone a few times with them for various topics that I needed more info about. I am hesitant to place a link since I have become an affiliate as my application was just accepted.
    Here is some more info, Okane. A large amount of testing has helped me create 4 rules for all my trades. The rules apply to the graphic I have attached.
    I will share those 4 rules I have developed if you would like. Here is another example with GBP/JPY. As far as their track record, they only keep records of their actual trades, not mine. What I mean by that is every Wednesday, they have a live webinar where you look over their shoulders and make trades that you can place in real time as well just following them as part of the membership fee. So, they only keep track of those particular trades. Welcome.
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Yeah, no links thanks. These thinks are normally hyped up by their creators and the affiliates. In reality there is no easy money to be made.
    Hard work, learning and getting educated on reading charts and understanding fundamentals. Trial and error and years of experience
    is what everyone should focus on. If this is working for you, then great keep trading and making money, enjoy. But don't tell us you have
    some holy grail system that has changed your life to get newbies for your affiliate program. Put your time on trading instead.
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    SammyZoomSammyZoom Posts: 16
    It's not going to happen. That's why I didn't and wouldn't post it. No doubt there is no holy grail my friend.
    I lose as well like everyone else. These demo trades just happened that are attached!
    Okane, may you and family have a blessed and prosperous year!
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    ConsultantConsultant Posts: 5
    If they are a legit they will teach you how the system works, without knowing how the indicators/system functions your always depending on someone else.
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