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YudistiraYudistira Posts: 2
My Name Yudistira from Bali, Indonesia

I received news of the facebook, there is a broker who hold a contest binary option ayrex with a cash prize. I register and follow the contest. I won the contest but it appeared to be a broker was not give a prize. There is no evidence a broker is paying an. Do not ever put the funds on a broker this. Because a broker this was pure deceitful !! SCAM Broker !!
Nicname : OndeOnde

I invite their representatives in here


  • ayrex.officialayrex.official Posts: 172 ✭✭
    Dear Yudistira,

    There is indeed a free Binary Blast Demo Contest, which does not require any deposits to join it. The Contest works in the full accordance with its rules, which are located on our official website: According to the rules, in particular, #6 - Registration of multiple accounts is not allowed and will lead to disqualification. Multiple accounts are detected automatically by the system based on IP intersections.

    Since there are 21 IP intersections on your account it has been automatically disqualified from the Contest.

    As we've noticed, your name on Ayrex is different from the one you have here. To make sure that this is your real account, please, verify it by uploading 2 photos of your Identity and Address Proofs in the "Documents" section of your Personal Account on Ayrex. We will check it in 1 hour in the working hours of our Support Team (24/5) and get back to you asap.
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    Also, please, notice that there is already an official thread about Ayrex here.
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  • YudistiraYudistira Posts: 2
    I have announced on leaderboard winer contest. There is no rule nickname in a contest to be the same with the native name of. In essence you have announced for the first stage of a contest, and you had to pay.To the problem of ip, that is the reason there do not want to pay. Because there is no evidence of you.
  • ayrex.officialayrex.official Posts: 172 ✭✭
    The leaderboard is made automatically by the system. However, since you've been disqualified from participation due to the violation of rule #6, we had to withdraw you from it. This rule is not about nickname but about multiple trading accounts, which are strictly prohibited. Please, check the full list here:

    IP intersections are detected as a breaking of rule #6 regarding multiple trading accounts and lead to disqualification from the Contest. Traders, who have violated the rules can't claim a contest prize.
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    There is already an official Ayrex thread. No need to start extra threads. That's considered spam. I will close the thread. Please post your complaints in the existing official Ayrex thread.
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