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Profit Binary Expert Review - Disappointing 38% Win Ratio |

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imageProfit Binary Expert Review - Disappointing 38% Win Ratio |

Greetings, fellow traders. My name is Jeremy. I have been trading for a couple of years and about midway through last year, I discovered binary options. The probability of winning a binary options trade is a minimum of 50% since there are only 2 possible results with equal probability.

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    namcdanielnamcdaniel Posts: 1
    You can see proof that his trades in his "diary" are cherry picked. The creator of the diary did not do a very good job editing.

    Look at this youtube video

    At 2:12 in the video he shows a win (USD/CAD) and then he "skips forward" to the next signal but you notice that just before he shows the assumed next trade you can clearly see that the previous trade was in the red (loss) at 2:16 (AUD/USD) and not his proposed win.

    He completely skipped the loss but forgot to edit out that result.

    Cherry picked winners. He just adds a few losses to make the video believable.
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