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Take our survey and help us create the best education!

OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
Hello Dear Traders – We Need YOUR Help!
We are taking steps to create an Academy of traders, for traders, with new & exciting features unlike what's already offered.
Most current services charge very high fees and you have mostly fake and paid reviews to judge them by.
But instead of trying them all only to find out they suck, YOU can help us create the most amazing Trading Academy ever!
Our team already has years of experience from trading and teaching and we have so many unique
ideas and unique and efficient trading techniques that we want to share with you.

But we want YOU to help us shape YOUR future trading service. A place to feel like home were you learn,
make friends and earn from trading.
Therefore, we created this survey with a few questions that we believe can help us pick YOUR brains first.
Take a few minutes and let’s create the best service together.

Click the link below to participate in the Survey:
Yes I would like to do the survey!
The survey is completely anonymous & and takes a few minutes only – survey ends 30th April.

Thank you in advance //Team Okane.


  • OleboboOlebobo Posts: 112
    I did the survey, and i hope others will follow :)
  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Olebobo said:

    I did the survey, and i hope others will follow :)

    Appreciate it!
    We have a number of participants so far and we are
    looking forward to put it all together and see what great ideas were shared :)
    I hope we get even more before end of next week.
  • OleboboOlebobo Posts: 112
    Where can we se the results ?
  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Olebobo said:

    Where can we se the results ?

    Well, the real results are when the education service is up :).
    Since it's not a multi choice poll it's hard to share simple results.
    We had to read through everything and gather what was similar to other answers and put it together.
    And then there are our own ideas too! But stay tuned ;)
  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 60
    I took the survey and i found oit to be really interesting.. It was really fun. Who made the questions? When can i see the result? How much time it took you to make the questions. You should do the surveys regularly. If you want my help, i am available.
  • GranithrisGranithris Posts: 22
    I am always glad when there is some useful information or service that is not really focused on advertising or just on communication of traders among themselves, but on education of traders taking into account their needs and difficulties, which most often happen in the market. After all, despite the fact that we are all different and have our own peculiarities, I think that each of us has had such situations as capital drawdown, gambling or hasty actions in the market, wrong capital allocation, excessive risks, wrong timeframe for analyzing the situation, etc. And it does not depend on what strategy you use or what temperament you are - slow or active, the main thing is to understand how to cope with it, and the best helpers in this - is experience and of course useful information.
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