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Binary signals on 60 seconds Bitcoin/USD

Hello everyone !

I am new here. I hope I'll have fun with you in this community.

Here's my short story: I developed a software to trade binary options on the Bitcoin/USD pair. It is a neural network that uses order book data and the most recent trades in the major Bitcoin exchanges to predict if the price will raise or fall in the next 35 seconds. My plan was to use my model on 60 seconds BO and place the order 30 to 35 seconds before the expiration.

It works great: it yields an accuracy of 68-72%. It produces a signal approximately 2/3 of the time (I would need to verify that number).

Before using the model, I tested it without money by taking screenshots of the price the moment the order would have been placed and at the expiration time. In 350 minutes, I could have turn 200$ into 10 000$ by risking 10% of the account every trade (that is 50 times the initial amount). 10% is a bit risky, but you understand that it is profitable. However, when I started to use it, all my money disappeared because the broker ( was a scam. I didn't loose much, that's ok.

I did more research and I found that 60 seconds binary options are now illegal in my country. So I can not use my model, although it works great. That is why I am here. I am looking for people who would be willing to buy my software. The model can be used in some countries but not in mine. I am welling to sell my program.

I would like to know what kind of information you would need to be interested in the model. I can not show you trades because I am not allowed to give trade in Canada. I can give you a list of the past signals, but I understand that it is not much since I could manipulate it.

I am planning to build a web site to announce the product and give a limited access to the signals.

If you are interested, I could also develop a model for other crypto pairs such as ETH/USD and LTC/USD.

If you know a broker with which I can at least demo trade the BTC/USD pair in Canada to show the profitability of my model, I would be glad to here about it. If you know a broker I could use in Canada to trade real money, I would be even more glad :) !

Thanks for reading me. I wish you a great day !


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Nice story. And yeah right, you made a software that can make good trades 70% of the time.
    lol. Only scammers behave this way. Also your screenshots aren't worth jack.
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    algo_tradealgo_trade Posts: 2
    I know I would sound like a scam. I really can't blame you for that! That is why I am looking for a way to prove I am legit.

    The models doesn't use indicators or things like that. Neural nets using only indicators and price action can not do well on small time frames. Another reason why this sounds scammy.

    I use changes in the order book and the trades of the last minute, which have a great predictive power on small time frames.

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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Sure, anyone is free to share and show us - looking forward.
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