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Hi, About Faunus Analytics...

leteralleteral Posts: 1
Can you give me information about Faunus Analytics?


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    gatsby2016gatsby2016 Posts: 30
    Hey, this is a little late, but yes; They are a Russian based company that now offeres "signals" for binary options relating to forex and a few other commodities. If you sign up for an account the offer a 5$ a day payment plan for unlimited, or a 1 cent per signal choice transaction plan. The only official free "demo" is delayed trades, essentially meaning they are useless, just to show an example. Note I said that's the only OFFICIAL demo; I found, that when you sign up for an account with them, their "marketing" tends to send you a message saying something along the lines of "5 euros has been credited to your account" This is 5 euros of credits that can be applied to the paid signals, essentially giving you a free trial period of active signals which is useful. You can talk to their live chat for any questions.

    IS IT GOOD?: Here's the thing; it's not as useful as you would think it is; it show's bars on how "reliable" it is. You would think that full bars means it is near 100% reliable, and that 3/4 means 75% reliable. THIS IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL; however, is not done maliciously. I personally found with my experience, that the trades ballparked around MAYBE slightly greater than 50% reliable, but no where near the upper 60's/70s that you will need to work on the EUROPEAN platforms. I say it is not done maliciously, because Faunus Analytics gives full disclosure of their success rates of various signals, and you can see, though they have profitable signals over many years; on a daily basis, it ballparks around 50%

    For the platforms that most of you are using, I would NOT suggust using these, as they do not have a high enough profitability; remember, many of the brokers offer these; if they were truely over 90% accurate, it would make it hard for brokers to operate.


    Okay, so for the "european" brokers that everyone is familiar with, their payouts generally range from 65% to 80% for shorter term options meaning you need significantly greater then a 50% signal accuracy to profit, rendering these signals next to useless.

    for the NADEX, the main United States binary options broker, trades can actually pay more then is steaked. NADEX, and how it works, is a totally different topic, it is only open to US citizens/residents, however I see some potential use for these signals on the NADEX; knowing a signal has a 50% chance of succeeding or failing, becomes very useful if you have long term market conditions in which the payout can reach significantly more than 100%. I see some potential use for it there; the NADEX is a much different platform, and it would take PARAGRAPHS to explain how it works, which would bring us off topic, I just want to say that faunus analytics binary options signals might have some potential in the non-standard binary options markets

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