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I have been a successful trade on the nadex platform and i am looking for someone i can partner so that we can make money together.
I am from Ghana and nadex does not allow people from ghana to trade on their platfom. Any interested person should let me know
and lets see how best we can make this happen. Please ensure that your country is allowed to trade on their platform because nadex over 40 countries
trading on their platform. See how i moved my demo account from $25000 -$180000 from january 3- may 24 in the attached file.


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    This thread is moved to Commercial Marketplace. You posted in Binary Options Trade Examples which clearly says is for educational purposes.
    Your post is not education and therefore now following the rules.
    You already made another thread about a similar subject which I will now remove.
    If you do this again I am afraid I have to ban, we don't want spam.
    Please follow forum rules. Also, we strongly recommend people not to just contact anyone asking to be contacted as people
    have been scammed before. So if you have something to share it's better to be transparent about it and share, its a forum after all.
    Some images of big accounts doesn't really proof. Be clear, what do you want? What does the trader need to pay, what is the deal?
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    khariz99khariz99 Posts: 3
    Hi, i only requested that i want someone who is willing to partner with me to trade, neither i have i requested any money from anyone.
    Its a choice to be made and you should know that partnership is an agreement between people where both parties are involved.
    That people have been scammed doesn't mean anybody is a scammer. For the images uploaded you can choose to believe it, its
    up to anybody to belive or not, thats up to them. I also don't think what i posted is against the rules of the forum, if it is, i do apologise.
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    ConsultantConsultant Posts: 5
    edited February 2019
    Demo is much different then real life. This was made from an account I took down from $1k (on purpose) to $1.12 million in about 4 trading days. Demo and live are a lot different. If you can show the same results trading 1 contract per trade consistently that would be of interest...
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