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New to trading and crypto.
I think I have made the classic beginners mistakes and now need some advice.
Deposited (via credit card) $250usd to a broker (4xfx) who then wanted me to purhase a bitcoin that they would then show me how to trade with and make a fortune. Didnt do this so they then compromised by trading other assets with my $250 to show me that they will indeed make me money. The $250 is now $340 with about 10 winning small trades (no losses at all).
This has been over about a month and in that time many calls asking me to trust them and to buy the bitcoin. The senior broker is very convincing and knowledgeable but my I now realise I am out of my depth and just want out of this situation.
I am not going to buy the coin but dont know how to now proceed.
I want to withdraw my money but to do this I (apparently) have to provide proof of identity documents like photo drivers licence, passport details etc.
I do not want to do this as am worried about identity theft or fraud.
I know this is a small amount of money (reading this forum I see where some poor souls have lost many thousands to scams - so sorry for you) and it would be nice if I got my $250 back but my major concern is that my credit card details that I used to make the initial deposit (and that would be used to receive the withdrawal - if it happens) can not be compromised in any way.
Sorry for the long winded opening post but would appreciate any advice.
Thank you.


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey there.
    Yeah, that's right, you should be happy you didn't deposit more than 250.
    They show you some gains to make you deposit more and more and more.
    That's a forex broker and a market maker, you never buy anything there at all.

    Anyway, the documents are always required because it's KYC policy. My suggestion is that you don't leave much money in your bank account, provide them the details and see if you get any money out. So in case they try to charge your card they can't get anything out.
    But before you do that, you can also check with your bank, tell them it's a scam and ask for a chargeback.
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