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I have been robbed by two regulated brokers. That is apart from the scores of brokers that took me for a ride.
The first was Ernest Hill of Kaya-FX. He promised me good returns and did so in the beginning. Then he came with the excuse that the market is too volatile for trading. He wanted me to increase my deposit from 250 Euro to a minimum of 1000 Euro. I refused and he slowly started losing money. My deposit was increased to 526 Euro and then dropped to 494 Euro. After a couple of weeks, I enquired and was informed about the volatility. After another few weeks, I decided to withdraw the money and got a confirmation from Kaya-FX that the money will be paid over within 5-7 business days. After two weeks, I checked and found that the amount dropped to 362 Euro. I put another withdrawal and received confirmation again. Yet, the money was not paid over and when I spoke to Ernest Hill, he said the money is tied up in trading. This went on till there was no money left to withdraw. This then, is criminal number one.

The second one is Millenium-FX. I deposited $100. No trading was done at all. I requested withdrawal many times. First they said I must give verbal notice of my intention to withdraw, which I did with Jane Black and there-after with a few men that phoned and said they are my new account managers. Every time, they just change the account manager instead of paying out my money. I wish to warn investors to be careful of the brokers, especially these two companies that are real-time fraudsters.


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