Spectre.ai $100 (ETH) Offer

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Our partner broker Spectre.ai is running a special Bonus promo for all our users.

Spectre.ai is the world's first brokerless blockchain trading platform and has been gaining massive momentum in the past few months.

Traders from all over the world and especially in Europe are flocking to Spectre since the ESMA ban and are generating profits on their new smart option trading asset class.

Traders can generate up to 75% profits and all trader payouts are instant because its governed by smart contracts on the blockchain.

We have cut a special deal with the management team at Spectre which allows us to offer our clients a special deposit bonus of $100 which is limited to the first 100 users.

We encourage you to open a live account and see exactly how these traders are generating profits on the Spectre trading platform trading smart options on the blockchain.

Read Our Full Review, or Join Here.

Join the exciting journey as Spectre begins to pioneer this online trading space, disrupting online binary option brokers and revolutionising the online trading space.

The Promotion

This promotion is to help traders get started and gain familiarity with the Spectre trading platform, in order that the Spectre platform becomes the trading environment of choice.

Claiming your $100 deposit bonus is very easy. All you need to do is:

1) Open a live account at Spectre using our Link (Here)
2) When opening your live account you need to enter the special promo code PR208
3) Get your account verified

The Spectre Team will deposit the bonus into your account and you can start trading immediately!

Please note that there will only be 100 promo codes and you need to have your account verified before the 30th September.

Make sure you are included in the first 100 and open your account now!

The conditions to withdraw profits or the full bonus are the following:

1) $5.000 trading volume for initial bonus to be withdrawn

2) A deposit of equal amount to the bonus or $5000 in trading volume reached in order for earnings to be withdrawn

Happy trading!


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    it is still available?
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