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Options beware of fraud reporting with this brokerage.

rogerionascimentorogerionascimento Posts: 1
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In this second video it clearly shows
the time manipulation on the platform where I open a purchase order up, the broker seeing that it was winning all the time, took from the screen the remaining time plus forgot to defraud the time, where the price and progetado
so I can prove that this brokerage house manipulates
the platform.

 If you start to earn a lot it will interfere
these thugs, if demo account they make it imagine in real account, this order of 5 minutes was finished almost after 9 minutes the price was the fovor of them these fraudulent
anda had another entry in the nzs / usd that he will manipulate the barrier and made a sale ticket when the price was in my favor the barrier departs from the price blatantly unscrupulous in the face of pal, is a fraud in disguise
and other brokers also as traders know this,
only that the profit of many speak louder
because of the affiliate program, they are
sending you to register it, you will certainly lose your money, if I with a super strategy of this with high level of accuracy, it can harm me the more the novices with inferior strategy

You will have a great strategy and still overcome the manipulations

 brokers who have to name you more wolves wanting to devour your money to leave you in misery.



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