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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2014
    Best looking platform out there! The use of variable payouts kind of make them suck though. I hope they change that to a more normal structure in the future. Example the EUR/USD 60 sec is often between 72-76% in the am but after 12pm it drops to like 60%. I hate when brokers play this payout game.
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    maizniekmaizniek Posts: 1
    Withdrawal took more then a month. In meantime every information that said something about withdrawal disappeared from website. In general there is lack of important information at the ubinary website. I doubt that address is correct. Quit ubinary without any regrets
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    carlyfancarlyfan Posts: 1
    I've seen where people say uBinary up to 80%. Really? All I see is 60-70
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    sailfish9229sailfish9229 Posts: 1
    edited May 2014
    On the 8th May 2014 a senior financial analyst Owen Shriever contacted me and said he would help me get my money back that the previous guy from Ubinary traded on my account without my permission and lost my money when I was waiting to get paid out. I had to invest another $400 and he guarantees me he will triple it in 3 weeks even going so far as to tell me he will refund me if I lost. Well that is the last I heard of him as I said I wanted it in writing.
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    dmarteldmartel Posts: 1
    I did a lot of research about different companies and read a lot of testimonials and eventually opened accounts with three companies,, and finally I eventually dropped 24Options as their customer’s service was dismal.
    I was trading with UBinary larger amounts and Opteck as they would allow small amount trades.
    Now my problem this spring I had some medical issue that may have required surgery and with all surgery there could be complications. That is when I decided to move my money home from England where UBinary offices are located. I then advised UBinary via email and attached the appropriate requested forms and documentation for the transfer to my Bank. I think you can understand the concern I had if something where to happen while in surgery and my family would have to try and get the funds. Within a day I receive an abusive phone call from my Senior Account Manager, (Kimberly Daniels) saying that I was not allowed to and that she and only she could push the button on her computer to send my money. After I hung up I thought to myself she will do something to get even; kind of a premonition.
    Sure enough she opened over $13,000 US in trades without my permission within the next two days and there was nothing I could do to stop her. Originally we had agreed that she could trade up to 20% of my balance (at that time it would have been for $1500.00) and that she would advise me before she made any trades which she had always done in the past. The trades expired one month later and basically I lost $9889.69 US. The mystery even gets better when I complained to their compliance department all of a sudden the web platform will no longer let my see my account statement. I cannot get anyone to return my calls or fix the problem with the web page so that I can at least print off a statement to give to my accountant for a capital loss.
    I have come to the conclusion that I will not get my money back and am hoping they will at least forward the little that is left in my account; we will see. (TO DATE THEY HAVE NOT)
    I have told you this to make you aware that one of the things that gave the site legitimacy was the following logos on that site. Apple App store, Visa, Master Card, Diners Club International, CashU and Bankers transfer. I did use my Visa Card but I have since found out that the money went to a company in Cyprus and now the money is channeled to a company in England which is an organization that handles digital payments. I would suspect that Ubinary does not have an agreement with Visa or Master Card.
    Again, I only want you to be aware of this company and their web page as having your logo on their page tends to give them legitimacy which may in trap other potential clients or should I say victims
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