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My name is Anu
I am officially representative of Xtreamforex
XtreamForex is a forex broker, Member of Grandinvesting Group
Incorporated in MIS
Registration number 84516 IBC 2016
Company number: 84516
If you have any question regarding this broker about the services and promotion feel free to ask me here. i will be happy to assist you.



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    XtreamForex Account Types

    XtreamForex is known as Top Online Forex Brokers who will provide best Trading Environment. Ahead of offering MetaTrader4 (MT4), we make it ideal for traders or investors to experience levels. View our Forex Account Comparison and Find out what XtreamForex each account offers and how you can start trading with us.

    Micro Account:- Micro Trading Accounts are designed for those Traders who are new to this Forex Market. This account type allows investors to open trading account with lower deposit and take trades of lower size.

    Standard Account:- Standard Forex Trading Account is usually taken by experienced retail clients. A key feature in this type of trading is flexibility and position sizing.

    ECN Account:- ECN Trading Account also taken by experienced retail forex clients. Key Feature in ECN account type is spread received which favors scalping strategy.

    ECN Pro Account:- ECN Pro Trading Account is taken by Large retail experienced clients. The main advantage of ECN Pro account is maximum open order and trade volume.

    VIP Account:- XtreamForex VIP Trading account are mainly meant for high net worth individuals who actively want to trade for large volumes. This type of trading account completely helps
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    (Join the XtreamForex Team! We hiring! )

    XtreamForex provide you the environment and conditions that you need to develop in your area of expertise, whether you are a young individual at the beginning of your career, or an experienced professional seeking to move forward. Our mission is to enable you to reach your professional aspirations by giving you the motivation and inspiration to do so.

    As a company that places itself at the forefront of progress, we have created an ultra-modern, hi-tech environment for our staff, consisting of the most up to date equipment and cutting edge technology. We make sure that we have the most up to date licenses of your preferred software in order for you to be satisfied with what you are working with and efficient at what you do. It is extremely important for us to know that our employees are kept happy with and engaged in their work.

    If you think you could work for us, please send your CV and cover letter to our HR Department at [email protected]

    Current Job Openings
    • Business Development Officers
    • Account Manager
    • Head Of Sales
    • Retention Officers-German / Polish / Italian / Czech Slovak / Indonesia / Malaya

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    Start your Forex trading career with XtreamForex and Get 100% Credit BONUS. Deposit to your account with a minimum amount, after making successful deposit credit bonus will be credited automatically into a trading account.

    Promotion’s Time:
    • Start: Starts from 18th November 2018
    • End: Unlimited
    • Duration: Unlimited
    • Registration Period: All around the year.
    • Minimum Deposit: 100 USD

    Offer is Applicable: The clients with Live account and Minimum Deposit 100 USD
    How to Apply:
    • Register to the Live Account
    • Make Minimum Deposit 100 USD
    • Send an Email to support or to your account manager
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    XtreamForex offers its clients the opportunity to get Joint Venture Tradable Bonus that can help traders to take more advantages of trading opportunities by increasing equity. With the help of this Joint Venture you can open trades with higher lots and improve your profit margin.

    Promotion’s Time:
    • Start: Starts from 4th March 2019
    • End: Promotion Ends on 4th April 2019
    • Duration: For One Month
    • Registration Period: All around the month.
    • Minimum Deposit: 2000 USD

    Offer is Applicable: The clients with Live account and Minimum Deposit 2000 USD
    How to Apply:
    • Register to the Live Account
    • Make Minimum Deposit 2000 USD
    • Send an Email to support or to your account manager
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    I think we get the idea. THanks for all the posts.
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    Online Trading

    Online transactions are today’s most common way of trading, with anyone who has access to the internet being able to open an account and trade. Trading online is now so common that most people don't even consider it a risk, to actually trade with the money and risk losing it.

    Never the less money trading online is a huge industry, the Forex industry alone has over 5 trillion dollars moving in the market on a daily basis,
    Online money trading happens mainly in either Forex or Binary options, it is a form of betting, the subject being the global economy and the world's currencies. All trading is based on guesses in market movements, and predictions that allow a trader to make their trading decisions, however it is entirely disconnected from the actual currencies around the world, in the sense that the trader does not receive money from the currencies they bet on, but they receive the money from the broker they choose to trade with.

    With the rise of online money trading in both Forex and Binary Options, there have been more security systems, and secure money transaction methods, with many legitimate companies offering a real trading experience without any scamming. Furthermore regulatory authorities have been built around the world to monitor online money trading companies and ensure the safety of client's funds.

    Over all in this day and age, online money trading is far from the risky taboo that it was at the dawn of the world wide web, when nobody trusted this new alien they could not understand. Instead it is a part of the global economy, and a part of pretty much every body's life.

    Online trading is today’s most common way of making money in forex market. Read this article in brief to know What is Online Trading with XtreamForex.
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    #XtreamForex #Webinars
    Get all your questions answered LIVE!
    ➡️Boost your trading skills and Power your trades with industry tips and knowledge
    ➡️Traders of all levels of experience can learn from this opportunity
    ➡️Our Market expert Mr. Balasubramaniam will analyze forex, commodity
    ➡️Starts From 26 February (14:30 GMT) onwards
    Register for FREE now!
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    Meaning of STP Forex Broker

    There are different types of Forex companies. To be more specific there are two. A Market Maker, and an STP Broker. The 'type' refers to the method with which a company executes its orders and provides its prices.

    An STP broker stands for Straight Through Processing. Forex companies which operate as STP brokers execute their orders without a dealing desk or third party intervention, which means information that has been electronically entered to be transferred from one party to another is not manually re-entered repeatedly over the entire sequence of events.

    When an STP broker receives a client's order, the order automatically gets passed to the liquidity provider with whom the Forex broker is working. The liquidity provider is a financial institution such as bank or a hedge fund and in some cases any company which is licensed to be a liquidity provider. Some Forex brokers have several liquidity providers, and that means they can offer better services. A lot of STP brokers will use Banks which trade on the Interbank market as their liquidity providers. The Interbank market is the top level Forex market where banks exchange different currencies.

    The fact that there is no dealing desk intervention assures that there will be no delays in the execution of orders, and no re-quotes will be sent to clients, and that is a big advantage for traders because it means they will be receiving real time prices, and be able to trade during the release of financial news without restrictions.
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    XtreamForex today announces the Launch of Social Trading

    Invest Money like a Pro in Forex Trading
    Register your Investment Account with XtreamForex
    Select the Strategy Manager of your Choice
    Verify your Profile and Watch your Portfolio Grow

    Become a Fund Manager with XtreamForex
    Start Managing Investor’s Fund and Earn Extra Income
    Register Fund Manager Account with XtreamForex
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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Trading Robots

    If you were an avid trader and you knew there is a way to keep your trading working even when you can’t be there, and be promised maximum returns without having to pay a fee wouldn’t you take it?

    That option is and has been available since the late 90s at the dawn of online trading. Automated trading robots are programs which algorithmically make trading decisions based on preset aspects of orders like time, price, quality etc. There are different types of trading robots, but they are all based on the same theory, and perform the same functions.

    A trader carefully puts their trading essence into the program as they customizes its strategy and the aspects based on which it will react, turning it into a representation of their own mind and trading style. The only difference is that the trader will not be monitoring the system around the clock, and therefore is stripped of the ability to intervene in the occurrence that conditions do not comply with the usual strategy the trader follows.

    The best advantage of trading robots is the emotionless method of performing trades. Emotions such as anger, stress, fear and greed are a trader’s worst enemy, and even the best trader cannot be completely untouched by all the factors which induce these emotions. A trading system will simply follow the strategy and act accurately and responsibly without any last minutes changes, which is why it can turn out to be profitable and helpful. That exact same reason; lack of last minuet changes, is why you may wake up with a hollow account.

    As ‘smart’ as these systems can be created, they will never have the human factor, of reacting to unpredicted situations, which they have not been preprogrammed to react to.
    Technical issues of course are another big factor behind the many failure stories shared by traders. A lag of information update, receiving the wrong data or something as trivial as an electricity cut while your positions are opened can lead to great losses.

    Admittedly these programs are used by big investment companies, and by asset management programs. Though still prone to error, they are backed up and monitored in ways which are very hard to achieve at home.

    Home versions of trading robots are very susceptible to fraud and Forex scam and cannot always be trusted. They can also prove to be much more expensive than you’d imagine. The cost of the program itself can be affordable but the security systems which need to be installed with it; in addition to the data back-up systems which are require can all together be costly.

    At the end of the day trading in Forex is a risk all in its self, you can test the programs through demo accounts and see for yourself, although it’s good to note that even the best Trading Systems have had complains and while companies may take responsibility it is not always the case that you will be reimbursed.
    Automated trading robots have their advantages and disadvantages. What you will focus on is your choice.
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    XtreamForex presents new trading competition Nowruz Live Trading Competition 2019.

    Open live trading account and get 50$ No Deposit Bonus for Contest

    The Forex Live Trading Quiz is working to create the best competitive and transparent trading environment for customers to deal with in such a space. As we are growing fast on an international scale and making ourselves a global brand, it is our primary priority to serve your interests, and therefore your success and satisfaction - and we will always know. Forex traders are invited to participate in live trading competition.

    This competition is an opportunity for merchants to showcase their skills, apply different strategies and strategies, and benefit from the special awards they are considering.

    About Registrations:-

    Registration Starts:- 1st April,2019.

    Registration End:- 20th April,2019.

    Contest Starts:- 22 April,2019/GMT+2

    Contest End:-24 May,2019/GMT+2

    Contest Prizes:-

    1st Prize :- 10,000,000 TOMAN

    2nd Prize :- 5,000,000 TOMAN

    3rd Prize:- 3,000,000 TOMAN

    Note:- This Contest is Only for Iranian Clients

    (Terms & Conditions Apply)

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    Become a Introducing Broker(IB) with XtreamForex

    Earn extra money with XtreamForex IB program. Refer clients to XtreamForex and get exciting commission. The commission is every day pay out. Minimum commission is 7$ per lot and highest commission is 25$ per lot. For marketing you get support from our team.

     Commission is up to 25$ per lot
     Commission Daily Payout
     Marketing Support
     25% on Sub Affiliates
     Auto Rebate
     Full Access to Statistics
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    XtreamForex – Payment Methods

    At XtreamForex payment methods is fast, reliable and easy!

    XtreamForex has developed a custom made payment methods interface in member area to make account funding and payments simple and hassle-free using our pioneering sample portal, a single interface for all of your needs.

    Payment and funding authorization are fully automatic, XtreamForex portal allows deposits and withdrawals using a simple interface.

    XtreamForex offers its clients a wide variety of local and international payment options. Choose the payment option that most suits you in XtreamForex!!!

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    XtreamForex - Academy

    As a forex trader to be aware about Forex news, Market movements and current Economic events is most important. Place your Trades with a good market knowledge.
    With XtreamForex its very easy to learn forex and take your trades according to the market movements. We are providing daily technical analysis on our website and market news etc.
    • Forex News
    • Cryptocurrency News
    • Market Morning Briefing
    • Forex Forecast
    • Weekly Forecast
    • Economic calendar
    • Forex Article
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    Xtreamforex Offer you double your investment with Forex Tradable Bonus. Feel secure with a broker that ensure safety of your fund and provides the best trading environment to make most out of your strategy. XtreamForex welcome all of their clients with a Tradable bonus on every deposit in the live account. Deposit at least 500 USD to get the Tradable Bonus.

    Promotion’s Time:
    • Start: Starts from 14th May 2019
    • End: Promotion Ends on 31st December 2019
    • Minimum Deposit: 500 USD

    Offer is Applicable: The clients with live account and Minimum Deposit 500 USD.

    How to Apply:
    • Register to the Live Account.
    • Make Minimum Deposit 500 USD.
    • Get up to 30% Tradable Bonus in your account.

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    Are we allowed to withdraw bonus amount after some trades as well or does it goes and spending separately here like in many other places ? $500 sounds like a lot. I assume it's just in order to get that $650 total after making it, correct ? I hope that so.
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    Where Does News Trading go wrong?

    When news releases are put out, traders base their trading on those releases. It can lead to strength or weakness in a currency depending on the news and what it corresponds to. However the expectation of currency changes that a news release gives does not always play out as expected, and for traders who choose to trade on news this can be problematic. There are two main factors that may confuse news traders.

    US indicators can produce the opposite result of the dollar, due to the risk on risk off mentality, so a weaker than expected US indicator can lead to a strong US dollar. That is because the US dollar affects the whole world, and it’s better to be safe by using the US dollar. When indicators surpass expectations, the whole world’s currencies are expected to improve so no safety is needed and the dollar is sold.

    This behaviour has taken place for long periods of time in the aftermath of the financial crisis. In that case, never ending expectations caused the currency to return to normal behaviour followed by weak data. Creating more dollars to buy bonds weakens the US dollar, and positive figures lower chances of raising the US dollar.

    The second expectation that traders have on big events such as rate decisions, where high expectations don’t come true and leads to disappointment. Or high expectations do come true but they were priced in or over priced in that any result leads to sell off. This scenario is called “Buy the rumour, sell the fact” it can even happen when the event is not a rumour but a well know scheduled and debated event.
    For example, a future rate cut in Australia may result in a rally for the Australian dollar if this even would be priced in. This can happen despite the usual behaviour of a rate cut hurting the perspective currency and despite reality meeting expectations.
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    How to Limit your Risk while Trading?

    No matter what method of trading, traders use, and what strategies they follow they should constantly be paying close attention to the money they are spending and the risk they have for losing that money. This can happen though one main thing which many traders choose to ignore; Cutting losses.
    It’s easy to get excited with an open position and keep it open because it is gaining profits or because it could possibly gain profits, so excited that when thing take a turn for the worst you are still convinced you have a chance for profit.

    But cutting losing trades before they drain all your position is the biggest struggle traders have, especially at the beginning of entering the world of Forex. Leaving a losing trade is a win on its own because you save more losses, but it’s much easier said than done. And for many actually leaving a trade is emotionally hard as they truly they believe they have a shot at winning.

    It is always said that 90 percent of all traders fail at Forex Trading; the number is so high because traders don’t how to keep their losses to a minimum, which is one of the most important things to learn in Forex trading. Developing a Forex strategy should revolve around minimizing losses and keeping losses small usually refers to the overall number of money lost rather than how many trades lost. Because if you lose 100 dollars in 10 positions in a row, it is just the same as loosing 100 dollars on 20 positions. What matters is the money you are losing or making, and you need to learn to utilize your initial funds and trades in a manner that saves you the most money.

    Learning how to manage risk and money is something you learn with time and experience, as you make some mistakes and fix them, and realize where your money is being mainly lost. But you should always start off with an initial plan that will help you manage your money right and use it in the right way to save the most possible for yourself.
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    Main Differences between Forex and Options

    In Forex trading Margin is one of the biggest elements of trading. The maximum margin is determined by each broker and can but up to 1:500, it is designed to allow traders to increase their investment capital so they can make a larger trade, in Binary Options there is no use of margin at all.

    Pay Outs
    With Forex there can’t be any specified numbers on profits or losses. Traders can apply a Stop Loss order, to makes sure no big losses are made, but depending on how the market moves as the position is open losses and profits can be wide or narrow. A trader could lose all the money in his account in one trade. With Binary options the investment is pre-determined and a trader already knows how much he will make if the trade goes well and how much he will lose if it doesn’t.

    Closing a Position
    With Forex trading you can choose exactly when to close a position as the markets change. When a position opens there are no limits about when it should close that is entirely up to the trader and the decision can be made during the trade. With Binary Options the time frame is pre-determined, and the trade has to play out till the expiry date. Some brokers offer the option of “early closure” meaning you can exit your position at some point during the trade if you feel you are losing, but at a percentage cost.

    Order Types
    In Forex trading there are many order types including buy/sell, limit, stop, One Cancels the Other, Trailing Stop, Hedge Orders, and many others. In Binary Options there are five types of orders, high/low, 60 second options, Touch/No Touch, Boundary Options and Options builder.

    Trade Size
    Some Forex brokers allow trading micro lots, which are 1,000 units of the base currency, the maximum trading amount is determined by each broker and can be as high as 10,000,000 dollars. In Binary Options, the minimum and maximum is determined by each broker. The trading amount can be as low as 5 dollars per trade, and the maximum can be 1,000 dollars, or 5,000 dollars or more.
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    Making a Profitable Business in the Forex Market

    For many people trading may be something small they do on the side, and do not take really seriously but for some trading can become their main source of income, or at least a big part of it and that is when Forex trading can become a Forex Business.

    Like any other business you need to calculate and manage your costs. In Forex the costs are the losses you are likely to suffer through your trades, the commission you will pay to the broker through the spread – or separately – your basic equipment which is a computer and internet access.
    Losing trades may seem like a cost you can avoid but they are not, no matter how good of a trader you are and how much money you are making, you are always going to have some losing trades, and it will be your biggest cost as a trader. So your plan should be to make sure your revenue can offset your cost enough for you to make a profit.

    You need to always make sure that over all you have successful trades making enough profits to cover the losing ones, over all costs and leave a profit, otherwise it is completely useless to trade, and you will be spending more than you are making.

    You can do that by making goals for your trading journey and always aim at reaching them. You goals should be to reach a very high percentage of winnings opposed to the percentage of losing or the winning trades need to be larger than your losing trades to balance it off. This is what is referred to as the risk reward ration. For example your risk reward ration can be set at 1:2 for every trade, meaning 35 to 40 percent of the times your trade have to right. Most successful traders win between 40-60% of the time however their wins are substantially bigger than their losses and therefore make up for the imbalance.

    So in essence you can be wrong more than you are right and still make a big profit.
    It takes a lot more skills and tactics to have a Forex business of course, and you cannot find out about all of them through one article but over time you can learn to manage your trading well enough to make a good business out of it.
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    Wide Range of Forex Trading Products offered by XtreamForex

    Forex trading is buying and selling of currency pairs with intent to make money or hedge investments. Forex market is most liquid asset class to trade and invest globally. There is wide range of foreign exchange products for trading that investors can pick up without difficulty but before trading in real money, it is advisable to open a demo account and try out different strategies that you could use in an actual foreign exchange environment.

    XtreamForex is one of the Top Online Forex Broker who offers wide range of Forex Trading Products globally. These Forex Trading Products include:
    1) Forex Products
    2) Cryptocurrencies
    3) Indices
    4) Stocks

    1) Forex Products
    Forex Product available for trading is currency pairs. Currency pairs are the most renowned foreign exchange product in the market. Investors trade currency pairs globally. In Forex Products one currency is traded among other. The most renowned currency pairs include GBP to USD, EUR to USD and USD to JPY. With XtreamForex you can Trade More than 60 Major, Minor and Exotic currency pairs from 0.0 pips.

    2) Cryptocurrencies
    Cryptocurrency is a digital currency built with cryptographic protocols that make transactions safe and sound and difficult to fake. In simple words Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange value that exists in the digital world. With XtreamForex Trade the world's most traded digital currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more under one Forex Trading Platform.

    3) Indices
    Indices traders speculate on price movements in stock Indices like the FTSE 100, the Dow Jones and DAX. Indices price movements and unpredictability are affected by factors like political events, major factors which affect companies in a particular sector, economic data like employment figures and big changes in the currencies markets. Trade Indices with excellent trading conditions and competitive spreads.

    4) Stocks
    Create and manage your own portfolio of companies. Trade 60+ Stocks of some of the largest and most famous companies of US, UK and EU. XtreamForex gives you competitive spreads and exceptional execution on some of the world's most popular shares.
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    As a general rule, a position remains open until one of the following situations occurs: 1) making sufficient gains from a position; 2) the determined stop loss is reached; 2) Another position that has better potential appears and you need these funds.
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    Forex Tips

    Forex trading takes more than just learning and skills but it takes confidence and belief. It is very easy to be discouraged by fails and hard times and stress and give up. Of course we do not want to deny that there is a time when for some people the best choice is to quit, but in many cases it is important to try and fight for what you believe in.

    Having confidence in your Forex trading is a package with having confidence in yourself in general. You need to believe that you can achieve what you think you can. Most successful people – not just traders – in the history of the world believed in their own power of visualization. Meaning they wanted to get somewhere and they did one way or another never really giving up hope. Forex trading most definitely requires never losing hope and pushing to get where you want because it is not an easy or fast process.

    You need to believe that you are a successful trader and act as such. This is not to encourage fake over confidence – because it can be harmful – but encourage healthy confidence in your abilities and your skills. If you tell yourself that you are not a good trader and you believe it then your whole outlook will be negative and it will make it harder for you to have the confidence to make the right choices. Hesitating during trading and questioning yourself will only lead to loss.

    Aside from being confident in yourself, you need to be confident in your plan, because your trading plan is your main guide and if you don’t trust it enough to always stick to it then you’re in trouble. Of course there are stages where you will go back to the plan and adjust it and make it better, but that happens when you are reviewing your trades, not while you are executing them. During trading you need to have 100% confidence in your plan and strategy and follow them.

    Next to your trading plan you should have a risk management plan, and one which you believe is and will continue to work well. Once again it takes some time before you get the right plan, but when you do you have to trust the plan and follow it in order to keep managing your risks and money right.
    Last but most definitely not least always keep a trading journal; it is your way of crafting and perfecting your plan.
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    Most Volatile Currency Pairs of 2019

    Currency Volatility Percentage in Pips

    AUD/CAD 62.86 .66%
    AUD/CHF 49.67 .71%
    AUD/JPY 59.73 .77%
    AUD/NZD 55.61 .53%
    AUD/USD 47.77 .67%
    CAD/CHF 49.11 .66%
    CAD/JPY 60.15 .73%
    CHF/JPY 54.17 .49%
    EUR/AUD 97.80 .61%
    EUR/CAD 86.93 .57%
    EUR/CHF 48.89 .44%
    EUR/GBP 55.67 .62%
    EUR/JPY 67.78 .54%
    EUR/NZD 111.24 .66%
    EUR/USD 60.34 .53%
    GBP/AUD 141.10 .79%
    GBP/CAD 132.15 .78%
    GBP/CHF 90.47 .72%
    GBP/JPY 103.25 .74%
    GBP/NZD 157.93 .83%
    GBP/USD 82.89 .65%
    NZD/JPY 57.38 .78%
    NZD/USD 48.39 .72%
    USD/CAD 66.12 .50%
    USD/CHF 47.57 .48%
    USD/CNY 202.45 .30%
    USD/JPY 49.51 .45%

    Want to start Forex Trading but don’t know which forex pairs you need to focus for profit? Nobody can give this answer correctly as it depends upon the trader’s knowledge about that currency pair and the volatility of currency pairs. You need to take the time to analyze different pairs against your own strategy, to determine which are the best Forex pairs to trade on your own account.

    What Volatility Refers to?
    Volatility is a term used to indicate the change in trading price of pairs in a specific period of time. Greater the scope of price variation, greater volatility is considered to be there. The volatility of a pair is measured by calculating the standard movement away of its returns. The standard difference is a measure of how widely values are dispersed from the average value (the mean).

    The importance of volatility for traders
    Being aware of a trading product's volatility is important for every trader, as different levels of volatility are better suited to certain tricks and psychologies. For example, a Forex trader looking to progressively develop his funds without taking on a lot of risk would be advised to choose a currency pair with lower volatility. On the other hand, a risk-seeking trader would look for a currency pair with higher volatility in order to cash in on the superior price differentials that volatile pair offers.

    What affects the volatility of currency pairs?
    Currency pairs are affected by following factors or events:
    • Economic or Market Related Events
    • Change in Interest Rate of a Country
    • Drop in Commodity Prices

    The degree of volatility is generated by different aspects of the paired currencies and their economies. Moreover drivers of volatility include inflation, government debt, and current account deficits; the political and economic stability of the country whose currency is in play will also influence FX volatility. As well, currencies not regulated by a central bank - such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - will be more volatile since they are inherently speculative.
    According to the chart we come to the point that GBP/NZD is the most volatile currency pair of 2019.
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    Forex Indicators
    Forex Indicators also known as Expert Advisors (EAs) are tools used by traders on the trading platform to help them make better trading decisions, by using certain methods and strategies which predict the future movements of prices. Most Forex platforms allow the use of EAs although in some few cases they may not be allowed, so it is always preferable to check.
    These tools can be found on the platform and traders can choose which are the best to use for each trade. Some traders prefer one tool over the other, some like combining several methods. There are many Forex Indicators and EAs, here are two of the most popular ones;

    The Profit Taking Tool
    As the name suggests it advices the trader when is the right time to take the profits and close the trade. While many traders can go into good trades deciding when is the right to pull out is a little more tricky. Pulling out too soon may prevent you from making further profits and pulling out too late may cost you your profits. In this case the three day relative index can also be used to help the trader determine what the likely odds are. Another method is the known Bollinger Bands, which adds and subtracts the standard deviation of price data changes over a period from the average closing price over that same time frame to create trading ‘bands’.
    Another method is the trailing stop, which gives the potential of the trade to let profits run without staying open too late and losing money.

    Trend Confirmation Tool
    The trend confirmation tool is usually used as a backup for the trend following tool. It helps reassure whether the current trend following indicator is correct or not. It gives its own results and if both Trend following and trend confirmation tool results match then the trader can be reassured.
    Overall Forex Indicators, Expert Advisors and trade assisting tools are many, and they can each be used in many different ways, through many different method, for many different reasons, which is why it is advised to further explore Forex indicators, they can and will make your trades easier and more successful eventually helping you become a better trader.
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    What are Forex Signals

    Forex traders are constantly on the lookout for ways to help them trade better, make better predictions and ultimately make more profits. So it is important for traders to look at all the options they have before deciding what is best for them.

    Forex Signals provide raw data and insights about the market so that traders can make better informed trading decisions with much less risk.
    Unlike EAs, Forex Signals are sent on a regular basis through alerts like SMS messages, email alerts or pop up messages. Some Forex brokers offer free signals on their platforms, or through their services giving traders constant updates, but in the case that they do not there are many separate Forex Signal services.

    If traders want to use a Forex Signal service from a third party it is offered at a fee, usually an average of 200 dollars a month. When you pay for the service you will have more options regarding the method you would like to receive the signals, and they will be more regularly updated.

    It is important to note that no matter how good or reputable the service is nothing in Forex is 100% guaranteed, and even these predictions which are based on technical and fundamental analysis can prove to be wrong if unexpected market changes occur, so even in the case of using Forex Signals traders still have to use their own knowledge and trust their own instincts when making their trading decisions.
  • XtreamForexXtreamForex Posts: 263
    What is a Bull Market?

    Markets are described as either Bull markets or Bear markets depending on the general direction of their currencies.
    The term bull market derives from the way a bull attacks its enemies by swaying its thorns upwards, therefore it describes a market that is heading in an upwards direction.

    What stands out about a bull market is that it is generally moving upwards, and has been moving upwards for a long period of time. Even if it suffers minor losses its general direction is always positive.

    This doesn’t apply to just the currency, but the whole environment surrounding the currency like the economic environment, employment in the country, and number of investments.
    A bull market attracts many investors as it promises almost guaranteed high profits, and because it keeps getting investors, it continues to perform well and thrive.

    It is hard for investors to suddenly lose interest in a bull market, unless a general rumour is spread about the market, making all investors and traders believe that this market is going to decline, forcing them to withdraw their investments, and invest against the market, leading to a big decline and moving the market from bullish to bearish.

    Of course there are many ways for a market to be affected, and that can be through big news releases, businesses between countries and more, if the market declines on its own, it will also push investors away which will further in its decline.
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    Advantages and Requirements of the MT4 Forex Trading Platform

    Mt4 or Meta Trader 4 is one of the most popular and used Forex Trading Platform. It is offered by almost every Forex company and preferred by many forex traders. The platform has established itself as a prominent one by catering to all the basic needs of traders and not just for trading.

    The most likeable feature about Mt4 is its user friendliness, which allows even the newest of traders to adjust to trading smoothly without the complications of learning how to use a new software. It offers a simple and understandable interface, which is highly customisable, allowing each trader to decide how their platform will look like, and be most comfortable to make their trading easier.

    Additionally Mt4 offers technical and fundamental analysis, and Forex indicators which are an important and desired help by both newcomers and experienced traders. Expert Advisors are also an important and big advantage, not only does the platform come with its own EAs but it allows traders to write and design their own EAs and upload them to the platform, giving the space for anyone who wants to expand their skills to do so.

    The key features of Mt4 are the Market Watch Window, Navigator Window, Multiple Order Types, Variety of pre-installed indicators, Analysis tools and multiple chart set ups, Automated Trading Order Execution Capabilities, Hedging and Scalping friendly, and Expert Advisors.

    The Mt4 Platform can be downloaded on all devices (including Apple devices) like phones and tablets.
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    XtreamForex Philippines Demo Trading Contest

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    Contest’s Time:
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    How to Apply: The Client must register for the competition via the competition dedicated page in order to participate.
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