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    kz576kz576 Posts: 1
    The worst. Oh god. Jan 3rd I sent in my documents, got a confirmation email saying I was approved to trade now. I begin trading through signal push via Quantam Binary Signals, which sucked. SO anyways I asked for a withdrawal on January 29. They told me to wait and Finance dept will contact me. 1 week later I open a chat to see when I'll get my withdrawal, and what do you know? There was "NO" note of my ever submitting my documents, they just magically disappeared right? So now I have to restart the process as there is lack of communication between departments and I'm expected to get my withdrawal maybe by next year if things keep going like this. Rofl. Stay away. They are so nice to you when you're asking about depositing, but when you're asking for a withdrawal, they show their true colours.
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