I have been Scammed

Omphemetse12Omphemetse12 Posts: 2
I joined Binary Options 24 trade on 20 February 2019. I started the account with $500USD with a guy who described himself as George as a broker contact is +1 (518) 546 5136. The very same day he asked me to purchase the company’s Pro v6 fintech auto robot software which cost $650 which I deposited, in order for my trading to commence. The same day my account became active and started the trade with $500USD. The account became active for 14 days and made a profit of $15 329USD, and during that time I was able to login into my account. Then on the 07 March 2019 the broker withdrew the money from the trading account and said that I need to settle the company commission and South African Revenue Services (SARS) first costing $3 148USD before profit can be deposited into my account. I then send an email to the company to request an evidence of that but I did not receive response from the company including the broker. When he conducted me requested that there is no way to assist with that I should just deposit money and my profit will be released into my account. I made loans to make up that money. Again I made a deposit this time of $3 148USD of my hard earned money. I talked to him over and over again telling him I needed my money but he never paid money into my account and he didn’t respond to my messages, I reported this to the company contact email ([email protected]) and I have not received any assistance. The broker then contacted me on the 22 March 2019 and said that I need to deposit additional $500USD this when I said that he is scamming me and I am going to investigate this, this is when the broker block all contacts with me and blocked my trading account, as I cannot access it anymore. Although I have records of all payment made towards the company.
Does anyone know of anyway I could recover my money? Please let me know ASAP.
Please people if anyone could help I would be grateful. I live in the Pretoria South Africa,
480 x 800 - 194K
480 x 304 - 12K
1088 x 1920 - 224K
1088 x 1920 - 209K
1088 x 1920 - 235K
1088 x 1920 - 197K
1088 x 1920 - 229K
1280 x 1280 - 92K
720 x 1243 - 54K
720 x 1243 - 54K


  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 673 mod
    sorry to hear it man, contact your local authorities.
  • Omphemetse12Omphemetse12 Posts: 2
    Thank you, I have contacted them and the case is being inconsideration
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    Hello Omphemetse, I can help you. Send me contact. I live around Jozi

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    Contact Assured Recover if you need help recovering funds lost to; binary options, cryptocurrency, online investment scam etc. My friends and I were able to recover all the money we lost trading binary options (about $203k) with the help of Assured Recover.
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