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TradeCycleFx scam...

TuzaTuza Posts: 1
Good day. I have been scammed into making an Investment with a Binary Auto Trading company called TradeCycleFX. The website itself has no clear owner, and the "Agent" I spoke to and was scammed by seems to be the one running the show, whose name is apparently Gary Philips. He goes by the handle @gary_philips8575 on Instagram, but I am unable to find him anywhere else. The emails from the 'Company' are riddled with same spelling, grammar and simple capital letter mistakes that he makes when chatting to him on WhatsApp, and so is the website and the live-chat service on the website.

First he pulls you in by allowing you to invest a 'small' $200 Investment, then pulls you along by constantly updating you via emails of money being credited to your account - which by the is always a perfect number like $ 1200 rather than say $1193 or $1204, and then when the trade ends after a set number of days which in my case was 8 days with a grand total of $12100, then on the 6th day suddenly there is a withdrawal fee of $3300 that must be paid in to the firm in order for Withdrawal of your profits to be approved. This $3300 cannot be deducted from your profit, and must be made from your own personal account, bearing in mind that on the websites FAQ's, it states that Withdrawal "have no limits and is totally free." Luckily, my fiancé did her research and insisted I do my own as well, and we did not send the $3300 that he insisted was obligatory.

Do please be on the look out for this website as well:


Tumelo J. Mapoti, South Africa


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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    thanks,that is a shitty scam.
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    Teddy22Teddy22 Posts: 1

    Wow Tumelo, I am in the same thing now. A Delores from Instagram lurred me in. She kept on say invest you will make your money back quick. I made a $200 investment via bitcoin. Now as soon as I transferred the Cryptocurrency into the trading website. The company send me emails that the will be trading for me for free on the silver plan. Now days later she tells me about charges that I must pay. I asked but what this is not taken frm the profits which any trading site would do. She tells me the company has been working like this for years. Mind you the charges are $2800 which that is almost R40K. If investing you just a lil to start with and later you told abt the R40k

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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    do not give them any money. It's a scam. If you are showing profits in your account they are fake, to lure you into sending their "fees". the fees are total bullshit.
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