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A shout out to everyone out there who do compounding. I do & I am quite successful at it, too. I would love to get connected to a community of traders who do compounding, for inspiration, for ideas, for strategies, and for more and more courage to take the game to the next level. At the moment, I do compounding of two levels going from $5 to $10.
My strategy is follow the trend/follow the previous candle/follow the wave/ride it. These are all different names of almost the same strategy, and it works! That's important.
The following are the 2 images that show my trade history for yesterday (20 June 2019). Overall, I had a growth of about +$45, with an initial account balance of about $104. Yesterday, the market was not totally ideal, though.


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    nadeemenglishnadeemenglish Posts: 7
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    Please note: It was a total of about 15 trades, and some of them were individual trades and not all were compounding streaks.
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