Binary Options Scam

alpha33alpha33 Posts: 2

This must be made to include all fx and binary options scam artist and platforms


  • alpha33alpha33 Posts: 2

    I was scammed by skylinefxacademy's Ndakota Kate. I later discovered the academy to be scam after contacting their support and another detailed email without response.

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  • hackerrhackerr Posts: 6
    Inadequate brokers. Forex brokers have proliferated in recent years due to the increase in investments in forex over the internet. Not all are suitable for some investor profiles, nor do they all meet security guarantees. Consult list of recommended brokers.
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    There is large number of free learning materials which can be found on internet, that you dont need to pay for any school. Trading is a skills which is gained during many hours spent on trading and market. Sometimes demo account can be your best teacher
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    In fact, it is very sad to realize how many dishonest companies are present on the modern market today. I wish everyone to avoid this situation, it's just terrible. And then they say that it is impossible to make money in trading.
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