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Lee Elbaz Has So Many Binary Options Fraud Victims That the US Government Needs to Notify Them En Ma

LilChampLilChamp Posts: 1
Hello everyone,,
While following our updates, you have probably read up on the case against Lee Elbaz, a binary options fraudster from Israel. Elbaz ran a company called Yukom Communications, and scammed investors through the BigOption and BinaryBook websites.

While there are a number of binary options cases which are ongoing right now, this is one of the biggest. In fact, it is so big that the United States government asked the Court on October 15 if it could notify Elbaz victims publicly instead of privately.

Normally, victims in cases like these are contacted one by one, but as there are thousands of people who may have been scammed, this would not be a practical way to handle the notifications. If the motion to notify the victims publicly en masse is passed, the Department of Justice will do so.


  • ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 63
    This is good that such post finally appeared here no matter how you put it. Basically anything connected with Binary options can be called like a scam for example, correct ? So please do so if you really wish so. Let's bring more attention to that by upping this topic.
  • YozshujindYozshujind Posts: 87
    I simply do not understand why people could be so naive that they work in that matter for that cases. Are you really with me here for everything or not ? I simply don't get that. Just make sure your rights are completely fine and you will do that in no time.
  • KeriusKerius Posts: 40
    So how do they plan to notify them, please do explain. Are there some rules for that matter or what ? I clearly don't get anything to get it done anyway. And completely lost for basically anything out of touch for it. It's really big scam case, that's for sure.
  • MunayaMunaya Posts: 4
    Yes, if the deal are keep getting such bad feedback about some Israeli scammer it's really doesn't look good for anyone else out there. Have you seen something like that or not ? I do not see anything with it totally really. I do not want to make it happen.
  • Samuhn74Samuhn74 Posts: 66
    So it's really that much of the people that there is a need to collect some other stuff or what ? I am totally lost here for example. I do not really understand what it is if you honestly ask me. Let's be real here and there. Do you have some other choices ?
  • SarnRainSarnRain Posts: 1
    Hey, Can someone advise if there is a legal authority in the US to report when these companies or persons are seeming to scam you with binary options?
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