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Hi Guys, new member here and apologies if this is a common question that is asked relentlessly.

I am wondering if there is any auto binary trading (straighforward put / call) software for which I can easily programme the trade parameters.

I don't need the software to analyse any indicators, I need it to be able to trade based on analysis of the opening and closing price of the previous time interval, which, is a parameter I'd like to set. with the amount being traded again based on the last trade executed.

The parameter I need the software to be able to consider are:

opening and closing of last time interval (i.e. if put or call would have been successful)
if the last trade was successful.
The trade amount being adjusted based on the last trades (up to 8 trades being considered)
Its to operate on a platform that allows 30s put/call trades - i.e.turbo binary options

And that's pretty much it.

Thanks in advance for any help and assistance.


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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    no, there isn't, else we'd all be using it to rape money out of the market every day. Better to trade on your own, do it for fun, keep your day job, learn to invest.
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