binaryfxtrade scam?

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Hello members, I am new here, so a broker from BinaryfxTrade approached over this lucrative deal of binary options and helped me create an account and upon reading their Terms. The broker trades for you and for a week my account had made $4000 from a deposit of $500. So excited i wanted to withdraw and here is when problems came. They requested $450 for account mantainance and an additional 10% of the profits made which was to go to the broker. An additional $300 for what they called Crypto Upgrade was requested which upon payment they would have released the funds but you guessed it right they did NOT. Now they are demanding an additional $200. Well I know I have been scummed. If anyone know a way I can recover my Lost money I am all ears. Thank you and stay Vigilant.


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    there is likely no way to get your money back but you should call your bank or credit card company first thing, then call your local regulators, and then get all the documents and info you can on your account and this company.
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    yeah, that broker is such a scam, they don't even list a good fake address.. there is no country just a road name and city... Birmingham where? Alabama, England who knows? and no regulation. sorry dude, good luck. PS, don't trust anyone that tells you they can recover your money, they are scammers too...
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    Isn’t there a recovery company recommended and listed by admin? Is that company a scam too?

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