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Hi everyone. I have been a passionate trader for more than 5 years now. And for these 5 years i have done nothing but painstakingly studied the EURUSD pair. The angles at which trends move, indicators etc. Long story short i have coded an indicator that clearly points out the significant breakouts on EU and the consolidation areas to a very high accuracy, see attached. I am running a beta test program and i am looking for 30 seasoned traders to test it with me via a telegram group where members can openly share ideas. PM me or contact if interested and tell me why you believe you deserve a spot. The indi will be going for only 30$ a month and it never ever repaints, if you see it happen i will send your money back and we can part ways. See it for yourself in the screenshots attached, pay particular attention to the daily chart. I believe it can be traded as an independent system or a guide to whichever system you fancy. You be the judge...


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