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Does anyone know about this website. Gave trade manager 500, profit was about 7500. When it came time to pay his commission 20% he refused to take it out of the profit so paid separate. Now I’m expecting my profit and get an email from his trading platform that I need to pay an additional almost 1500 to “upgrade my account to vip” since they weren’t expecting me to make that much profit. Until then I’m still on basic package. Has anyone heard of this ? That was not told to me beforehand and the trading manager says he didn’t know about this in trading 5 years. I’ve been in contact with a chick he supposedly traded for wanted to make sure he was legit and have been in contact with her . She’s saying pay the money and then in another message she’s saying no she’s never had to o that before and then yes she had to upgrade before profit sent. I’m not paying. I’ve also been in contact with this guy he also traded with and no response yet to this upgrade question. So far manager is looking to see what he can do . Auto dividend is the platform. How do I get my capital back and/or profit?


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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    dude you've been scammed. there is no way to get your money back … everything you've been told is a lie. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYMORE MONEY!
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