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Trying to create an EA that will tell me every time the price moves by about 10 points

I’m fairly new to coding and especially to MQL4. I’ve tried the below code in a few different ways. What I am trying is,
Create a start price level, and if the Ask price is higher than this level, automatically create a new target level, which would be the current Ask price, plus 10 points (and for the first question to become disabled (in place of the new question) in order to stop getting infinite alerts when price is above. And now, if the price goes another 10 points higher, the alert will be triggered again, repeating the last steps. And the same for the opposite direction, so any time a level is hit, then a new target is put up above and below of 10 points.
I have some ideas, but I’m finding it difficult to implement the code, and may be missing a few functions or statements that are needed in MQL4.
Like for example, if the first level to check is above the start price level, then keep asking the question, but as soon as the Ask price goes above this level, stop asking the question and send an alert, but now start asking a new question for another 10 points higher than the ask price that triggered the alert.
So if someone can tell me what I need to get acquainted with here I would very much appreciate it. Below is one way I tried to do it, but I haven’t done anything much better than that.
extern int AddPipp = 1000;
extern int SubtractPipp = 1000;
void OnTick()
double target = 27820;
if(Ask > target)
target target + AddPipp*Point;


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