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Upgrading accounts?

Same old story: seemed too good to be true, but fell for it anyway. After going back and forth with a account broker, decided to deposit money with a broker: with bitcoin for $1100 (i could afford to lose it). First 5 days of 'trading' seemed to be going well...found out I couldn't withdraw anything for 10 days, since the trade has a duration of 2 weeks, then I was promised that I could withdraw. Today, the 'funds' in my account went up to $13,000. but with that amount, the account was locked until I upgraded to their gold (another $1,500) or platinum ($5000)..and those funds would be added to the investment and make even more money! Yeah, right. figured that's the scam right then and there.
So: just confirming that this is not a normal procedure, to lock accounts because trading is going so well that I have to pay to upgrade.
I couldn't find anything about, either good or bad. Anyone have history with them?

Looks like I'll try and recover, but long shot. I had to start an account with BRD, and fund it. Once I got the bitcoin, that's what I used to fund the account. no hope for recovery on that I'm guessing.

Lessons learned for sure.


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    Samuhn74Samuhn74 Posts: 66
    You know, it's actually a classic version of deception used by a lot of dishonest companies, and I'm sorry you fell victim to it. For the future, before you invest money, try to check out a company with a small capital, withdraw the funds in full, look at the reaction of the company's managers, how quickly your application will be processed, etc. This will always give you an idea of the company. And then you can try it with bigger capital. In general, I am terribly annoyed by it, because the trading sphere itself is extremely promising, but such companies spoil everything and create a situation when many people quit trading without even realizing what it is and how to earn with it.
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    yeah, that's a total scam...
    totally, a scam...
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