Upgrading accounts?

Same old story: seemed too good to be true, but fell for it anyway. After going back and forth with a account broker, decided to deposit money with a broker: analyzed-options.online with bitcoin for $1100 (i could afford to lose it). First 5 days of 'trading' seemed to be going well...found out I couldn't withdraw anything for 10 days, since the trade has a duration of 2 weeks, then I was promised that I could withdraw. Today, the 'funds' in my account went up to $13,000. but with that amount, the account was locked until I upgraded to their gold (another $1,500) or platinum ($5000)..and those funds would be added to the investment and make even more money! Yeah, right. figured that's the scam right then and there.
So: just confirming that this is not a normal procedure, to lock accounts because trading is going so well that I have to pay to upgrade.
I couldn't find anything about Analyzed-options.online, either good or bad. Anyone have history with them?

Looks like I'll try and recover, but long shot. I had to start an account with BRD, and fund it. Once I got the bitcoin, that's what I used to fund the analyzed-options.online account. no hope for recovery on that I'm guessing.

Lessons learned for sure.
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