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abhiabhi Posts: 1


I would like to get an honest review on astrofxtrade site.I have invested some money and now for withdrawal they are asking me to deposit extra money

So would like to get honest review before depositing and losing money


  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 673 mod
    scam, don't give them any money. any more money I mean.
  • martha1martha1 Posts: 9
    If you’re still dealing with this company called Astrofxtrade. i can tell you’re completely putting your money and life o the line. i have once been there and i never want to be involved in such scene again. In august 2019 i began my trading business with this broker and i was guaranteed a good profit and positive outcome after several weeks of trading i aided withdrawal since i was making huge profit but to my honest surprise i couldn’t withdraw my bonus what i encountered was that my account was locked out because i made several attempts of trying to get my money withdrawn after i realized this i contacted them and informed them about my experience and the issue got resolved by them but my surprise was that the whole of my $120000 was gone already i fainted immediately i saw this and ever since then i tried to reach their customer service only for them to completely ignore me since i already knew what they were up to i didn’t make hesitation i quickly consulted “capitalrefund44 @- /g= m- a- i l .c / o m” and fortunately i was able to get assistance from them they were able to help me get back all my money in full i”ve been happy ever since their intervention. They don’t charge any upfront charges.
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