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Binary Options 2-3 second delay is making a lot of money to IQoption

IQ option has saturated its servers, they claim that this delay is provoked from our side and they give you a list of things you should do to eliminate that delay, but even if all these points have been solved, the delay persists.

In my case even following all those points I still have 2 to 3 seconds delay:
- I use the desktop app from IQ option
- I bought a symmetric internet connection of 200mb download and 200 mb upload, wired connection
- A technical engineer of my IPS (level 4) came to my office to check the connection, the connection had no issues
- I Format my machine with a new copy of fresh windos, I don't have any software installed, except the desktop app from IQ option
- I do not use this computer to download or upload videos, nor to see my emails, I do not use it for Netflix, I do not use internet browsers, this computer is using only to trade in IQ option
- All the time I am cleaning cockies and cahce, deleting temporary files, fixing the registry, etc, etc.

And the problem persists, 2 to 3 seconds of delay all the time

However I went to my son's laptop, which is full of games, an old windows, he has never cleaned the coockies, temporary files and cahce and surprise, in that laptop he had the same delay as me

In addition to this, I went to my parents who have different ISP from mine, with a fast and good Internet speed and I installed the desktop app from IQ option to make this test, and the delay was the same. I also went to a cousin's house, who also has another different Internet provider and surprises !! He also had a large delay., so this means all the ISP companies will have a delay

Here the situation is that in reality, this problem is caused because the IQ option servers are saturated, they have to invest more in bandwdth or something, but they do not do it because this delay actually benefits them because many of our transactions are failed caused by this delay

I can personally live with 1 second of delay, but 2 or more seconds is outrageous

Also I think its important comment this, I spend like about 4-5 weeks before, traning my self with the free account of IQ option (desktop app always), I always had 1 second of delay when I was training and learning, but the day I put real money in my account, I mean the exact day I put money in my account, the delay changes from 1 second to 2 and 3 seconds delay, I dont belive this is a coincidence, I also I think they can handle the dalay to their own benefit.

Any way, the house always win

Best regards to all


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