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AZPNetAZPNet Posts: 4
I've been scammed by owned by Clinton Jordan. I invested $218.00 US in their Silver plan with the promised payout of 10% after 8 hours, however before the 8 hours was up I received an email form jordanforexusa informing me that one of their technical support personnel accidentally deleted my account and in order to have it restored I must re-register and pay a maintenance fee of $350.00 US to prevent this from happening in the future. I reached out to Mr Clinton Jordan via Telegram to resolve the matter however he kept reiterating that if I don't pay the maintenance fee he is not going to give me back my money. I eventually re-registered however before I can go any further they deleted my account again.


  • AZPNetAZPNet Posts: 4
    Beware of owned by Clinton Jordan he is a SCAMMER and a THIEF
    FAKE Policy photo_2020-03-18_10-59-56.jpg
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    FAKE Policy 02 photo_2020-03-18_10-59-56.jpg
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  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 726 mod
    wow, ,just saw the website... such a total scam... I mean... the address is some random street in "united state" what kind of crap is that?
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