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sagrace63sagrace63 Posts: 1

These guys are on Telegram and first saw them on Facebook. Followed them since Dec 19. Looks so wonderful. Investors posts are posted. Sending the money through Luno and they returning your investment via Luno. Post payments that are made. The have 3 packages offered. Payouts from 1 day to 6 days, depending on the amount invested. Return guaranteed. Investors sending videos saying how happy they are, received their money,etc. So eventually during this past week I did a small investment. Straight after receiving my funds was told to pay R3900 as process fee for 1st time investor for database, etc. So paid that. Was asked for Luno wallet address. After asking for proof of payment to me, was given but said it is pending. Queried that. Just told still pending. Hours later, still nothing received so I queried this and was then sent a message to pay an arbitration fee of R7700 and funds will be released within 15min. In none of their so called "policy/ FAQ" often being posted do they say anything about a process fee nor an arbitration fee. So I invested R5000 plus costs of R3900 paid, then told to pay a further R7700. My guaranteed investment was R50 000 from R5000. So if I pay the R7700 and I am fortunate enough to have my funds released (which I doubt) I wouldn't have made R50 000 but R38 400. They provide their cerificate of corporation and "FAQ" posted is signed by chairman of the board, Peter Tatarnikov. They have about 13.5k sunscribers

So are they for real and somehow I am an unfortunate victim or are they a scam?


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