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Starting my own binary options career and keeping me safe from scammers

Hello, family
I believe that joining your website is a great chance for me to understand this field of study and develop my skills. I'm completely new to binary options, and I have never had any experience in forex, bitcoin, day trading, and binary options or attended any school teaching economy. That's why joining you is a wonderful way to improve myself.

A week ago, I thought of finding a binary trader manage my account and trade for me, but now I really hesitate to continue this idea. And now I'm telling you about some traders who have been willing to trade for me. Would you please tell me who is a scammer?

The first manager I contacted is from West Africa. He asks me to deposit my money to ExpertOption. I gave him honor; however, he still asked me to send him $25 through Skrill. Though I told him I respected and trusted him, he still told me he couldn't trust anyone. He also said that he would charge me up to $100. The next day he started trading, but his results were losses, over $70 in total. What he trade was BTCCNY and BTCTHB (CNY: Chinese yuan; THB: Thai baht). He said that his trade was lost because his Android device had been broken, so he needed to send it to China to repair. And I would have to wait for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, he asks me to invest in forex on fbs. He says that forex is as profitable as binary options. He also says that he can make a profit of $2000 for a month if I invest $450 in either binary option or forex. A good thing is that he never wants me to borrow other people's money to invest.

The second manager I contacted is called Philip Fisher. And his website is called binaryoptionmanagedaccount dot com. According to him, a client investing $10,000 will receive $500 each day, while giving him another amount of $500. This means he can make a profit of $1000 each day. The minimum amount to invest is $5000. He uses binary dot com as platform. He wants his client to use wmtransfer to deposit money. I even tried to borrow enough money to invest in his service. However, I recently found 2 reviews reporting him as a scammer on dirtyscam and holysmoke. The 2 reviews introduce me to a similar website called peakbinaryoption dot com, operated by a trader called Steve Sun. And the 2 websites are very similar, and the 2 traders' services are identical. Therefore, the 2 traders must have a connection, or they are just one person. So I stopped my idea of co-operating with him.

In both cases, they tell me that they will trade for me, and they manage many other accounts. Money will be deposited from my bank account or credit card to the platform, and will be withdrawn from the platform to my bank. And according to them, I'm the only one who can have access to money. After I withdraw, I will have to send the manager 50% of the profit. Is this way safe for me? Can't they steal my money?

I also face a lot of Facebook accounts asking me to deposit on the platforms they belong to: epiccoinstrading, fxprofitoption, and fxgenuinetrade24. For example, the person from epiccoinstrading claims that if I invest $1000 on his platform, I can gain $11000. But I've never trusted them. Besides, they all tell me the others are scammers. All of them keep sending me follow-up messages.

Above all, I would love to have you help me learn binary options and spot scammers


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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    don't believe any binary options manager, account representative or otherwise … nothing they say is true... they are scammers. trade for yourself or don't trade.. if those guys could make money like they say they would be rich and not messing around with you...
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    MashuhuriMashuhuri Posts: 11

    don't believe any binary options manager, account representative or otherwise … nothing they say is true... they are scammers. trade for yourself or don't trade.. if those guys could make money like they say they would be rich and not messing around with you...

    Thank you for the helpful advice
    I'd love to know more about how an account manager can scam a client.

    I often hear that an account manager will ask his client to send money to him first, but later he will disappear. And this is apparently a scam.
    But, in my case, the account managers ask me to deposit my money to the reliable platform, and they will help me make profits. After withdrawing profits from the platform to my account, I will send half to them. So, isn't this secure? Do they still have another way to scam me?

    I've tried to figure out how they can scam me. And without absolute certainty, these are my guesses
    - They may use 2 different accounts at the same time, accessing them on 2 different devices. When they use the 2 accounts to trade with each other, if the first one loses money, then the second one gains money. This means the account manager can use this method to send money from my account to his. However, I'm afraid that this method only works in forex instead of binary options.
    - Otherwise, they are not professional traders. They only ask me to send them some secure fees, but when they trade, they perform very badly and lose my money.

    Because I'm very new to binary options, I can only guess like these. Are they right or reasonable? Is there any other method an account manager can use to scam me?

    Sincerely yours
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    dude, no matter what the agent says they are working for the broker, the broker is likely a fake website they set up to help them scam you, it doesn't matter if you pay them fees or they lose all your money it goes into their bank account. don't give them any money. go to a respectable regulated broker and trade for yourself.
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    qasedrqasedr Posts: 2
    Dude, you can't trust such people;
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    LeoHardLeoHard Posts: 3
    interesting. thank you
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    kate271991kate271991 Posts: 11
    Make sense...
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