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How to become a professional binary options trader

I'd love to know the necessary steps to learn to become a professional binary options trader. Reading articles? Practicing with demo accounts? And something else I haven't known?
The websites like binaryoptions dot net and winatbinaryoptions dot com have a lot of helpful articles, including concepts and strategies.
However, what should I focus on the most? Do I need to try all the strategies before selecting what's best for me? And how many strategies can I combine simultaneously? And how do I know if 2 strategies are supportive of each other?
Is it a good idea if I need to purchase bot to increase my chance?
And does each personality type have a corresponding strategy? For example, I'm extroverted, creative, innovative, diverse, multicultural, free-thinking, abstract, and analytical; however, another person is introverted, traditional, concrete, and practical
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