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Binary Tradnig Investment is fully SCAM - (Admin: Henry Garcia)

myk9291980myk9291980 Posts: 4
Dear All,

Good afternoon.

I'm a victim of this company Binary Tradnig Investment. He got $200 from me and he said that it will be x10 in 6 hours. The name of the admin is Henry Garcia. The reason why I shared it to this site is to warning you all not to negotiate to this man or any admin from Binary Tradnig Investment. They are all Scammer. Here's my story, first they will offer you a computation table whereas you can see the amount of investment and the profit. It's really great offer. Just imagine, if you will invest $300 dollars then it will become $3000 in just 6 hours. To cut the story short, I invested $200 dollars and after 6 hours I made a follow up and he congratulate me that my investment become $ 32,000 dollars and to claim the profit, I need to pay $3000 dollars otherwise it will be forfeited. This time, I suspected that this company is scam and I'm asking to refund my investment but they decline.

To all the traders and investors here, please beware of this company and to this man Henry Garcia.

Thank you and I hope there's no more other victim from this scam.


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