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Xflashtrading Binary Options Scam

ShaunmShaunm Posts: 1
From day one I was told that all I needed was to invest 200 dollars from the account manager Woody Kris. Then I pay the money through bitcoin and after a few days I would withdraw the profit without any problems.

The agreement was that I pay the Account Manager 10% of the profits.

My trade was only going for two days then I got the first email from you to say that "your account is not without it's limits" deposit another 200 dollars for your trade to commence. I did it and the trade continued, two days later the account manager Mr Kris told me that as soon as the Balance/Profit shows in my account under "Withdrawal" I would be able to withdraw instantly without any problems. This was not the case!

After this when I attempted to withdraw I got another message from to say that I must now pay a 300 dollar withdrawal fee before I can withdraw. I disputed this, and told them to take the fees from my HUGE PROFITS, Which I believe now is just smoke and mirrors.

I paid the 300 dollars and when i attempted to withdraw then I got the latest message to say "Hello, your withdraw is on pending now,and it will take up to 6months to complete withdraw transaction to your wallet or bank account, because of high limit withdraw, there has been a signal error based on the low signals been use for withdraw, we advice you wait for the next 6months for your withdrew to be completed, or you can purchase signals personally for your trade account so that you can withdraw instantly, we advice you deposit to purchase as signal to complete your withdraw instantly so you can received your successful withdraw within the next 1minutes Note all deposit will reflect in your trade account , Signals purchase 200-25phps Buy the signal to complete your instantly withdraw now, thanks"

So now the latest message says I must wait for 6 Months before I can withdraw OR PAY ANOTHER 200 DOLLARS for trade signals.

Again the 200 dollars can be take from my "profits" of 4928 dollars. The company refuses to pay back my investment/upgrade fee and withdrawal fees which is now 750 dollars in total.

Please don't be fooled with this huge profits that you will probably never be given!


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