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Hi, i have been scammed by Vertex Tradr Options. I tried to do my research about it b4 my investments but ithink i ddnt research enough, now they want m to pay 10% tax fee which is $537 to release my withdrawal. I invested on the 2nd of September. Invested $300 but av realised they scam so I'd like everyone to know about them and not b a victim like me. My account manager is Amy Lui we chat on watsapp and she doesn't know i now know about them


  • Lamar23Lamar23 Posts: 1

    Hi Thulani7, that's not true. Amy Lui is one of the best and honest traders out there. She changed my life, she gave me the guidance i needed to be successful in investing and trading. And also i used the Vertex Trade Options as my brokerage during my trading with her. They sent me my profits after i cleared my tax with them. Each brokerage has their own policies. So you're wrong, and stop dragging people's name and business to the mud. If you had done the needful you would have gotten your profits with ease and avoided all this fuss. Anyways, i saw this review and decided to leave my honest opinion. Amy Lui is an honest and great trader. Have a good weekend 🙂

  • thulani7thulani7 Posts: 28

    U are a scammer too. Tax for what ? Show m proof

  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    total scam
  • thulani7thulani7 Posts: 28

    And she is the same woman am talking about fassho. Becareful

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